The empires of Islam after Prophet Muhammad

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The empires of Islam after Prophet Muhammad by Mind Map: The empires of Islam after Prophet Muhammad

1. Abbasids

1.1. The golden age of knowledge in Islamic Civilization

1.2. The centre of intellectual activity during the Abbasid Dynasty was known as Baitul Hikmah (Bayt al-Hikmah)

1.3. Many scholars emergence in this dynasty, such as al-Farabi, Ibn Sina, al-Khawarizmi etc.

1.4. Under the commands of Hulagu Khan, the Mongols defeated the Islamic Dynasty of Abbasid in 1258 Ce.

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3. Mughal Empire

3.1. In India, Zahiruddin Babar – the first Mughal ruler – established a great empire from 1526 until 19th Ce

4. The Decline of Islamic Civilization

4.1. In Spain, Europe

4.1.1. The decline of Islamic empire in Spain in 1492 Century.

4.1.2. The dark event that had a significant impact on the integrity of the Islamic civilization when Sultan Muhammad II deprived of the throne by the Christians.

4.2. Ottoman Dynasty

4.3. This dynasty are attacked by The Young Turks under Mustafa Kamal At-Tarturk.

4.4. The decline of the Ottoman Empire marked the end of system Caliph in Islam.

4.5. After 637 years, the Ottoman Dynasty fall at the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid II (the ruler of Islamic Caliphate).

5. Umayyad

5.1. The Muslims conquered North Africa within the first decades of the Umayyad Caliphate, and reached Spain (al-Andalus) in 711 Ce. under Abd Rahman al-Dakhil 1.

6. Caliphate Al-Rashidin

7. Ottomans

8. The Concept of Islamic Civilization

8.1. Syed Qutb said:

8.1.1. Islam is a religion that civilizes

8.1.2. Understand Islam before understanding the Islamic civilization

8.1.3. Islam invites humans believe in Allah

8.1.4. Allah sent Messengers to invite mankind to the right path

8.1.5. Includes spiritual and all aspects of human life

8.2. Definition Of Islam

8.2.1. Literally: Bow, compliant, surrender and harmonious

8.2.2. Terminology: obey God by faith without doubt and bow and obey all the commandments

8.2.3. Islam is a way of life

8.3. Why choose the religion of Islam?

8.3.1. Believe in God and non-complication of the understanding of God

8.3.2. Rules of life

8.3.3. Very easy to practice

8.4. Society before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad

8.4.1. Deviate from the teachings of religion

8.4.2. Bondage to man

8.4.3. Believing in many gods

8.4.4. Those powerful oppress the weak groups