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Utopia-Thomas More by Mind Map: Utopia-Thomas More

1. Overveiw

1.1. The christain humanist veiw of an ideal society

1.2. More does not simply offer a theoretical veiw but provides specific for how to create this world

1.3. Utopia offers a christainized from platos republic

2. Uttopia-Christian synthesis of the Renaissance

2.1. The christain aspect of the synthesis is christ gospel of caring for the poor the oppresed and the down trodden

2.2. The Plan to become a utopian socitety

3. Use of humor or parody

3.1. Title mens nowhere joking with readers

3.2. Subgroups within Utopia are known as styles pigs live in styles

4. How is property Divided

4.1. All property is completely shared nobody owns anything

4.2. similar to communism

5. Why does Utopia use slavery

5.1. They work for very little pay

5.2. slavery would save many jobs