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Senator Keith Faber by Mind Map: Senator Keith Faber
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Senator Keith Faber

R-12th District Ohio Senate 2009 - 2010 Contributions Total contributions received: $496,746 Top Contributors: Wholesale Beer & Wine Association $11,395 Boich Companies $11,395 White Hat Management $11,350 Calfee Halter & Griswold Llp $10,850 AEP $10,050 Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes $10,000

Money to Faber

Robert Hickey $100

Wright State University

Former US Rep. Dave Hobson. R-Springfield $450

Dennis Stapleton $350

Delaware County Commissioner

Jack Toomey $50

Shelby County Commissioner

Jim Zehringer $400

Elected to OH House appointed as as Director of Ohio Department of Agriculture

Money from Faber

Ohio R-Governor John Kasich $500

Steve Buehrer $410

Director Ohio Bureau of Worker's Comp

Money from Faber to Political Party Committees

Ohio Republican State Central & Executive Committe State Account $700

Republican Senate Campaign Committee $413,000

Money from Political Party Committees to Faber

Allen County Federated Republican Women $100

Allen County Republican Party $75

Shelby County Republican 200 Club $500