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Market Research by Mind Map: Market Research

1. MKT plan for Hotels

1.1. Price Analysis

1.1.1. Survey online

1.1.2. Website

1.2. Customers Behaviour

1.2.1. Survey offline

1.2.2. Feild trial high cost, long time for getting feedback

2. Education MARCOM

2.1. Competitors Analysis

2.1.1. SWOT

2.1.2. Public Information

2.2. Customers Trend

2.2.1. Field Trials

2.2.2. Phone Interview

3. Banking (business management)

3.1. Customer bahavior

3.1.1. Focus group

3.1.2. Indepth interview difficult to book the meeting with customer Gift for customers

3.2. Competitors analysis

3.2.1. Information from public website, hotline, other research...

4. Office equippment Retail

4.1. Customer behavior analysis

4.1.1. information from website imprtant info is usually not published combine with other methods such as: data analysis, phone interview

4.2. Customer satisfaction analysis

4.2.1. direct survey

4.2.2. observation Long time, high cost

5. Securities

5.1. Customer background analysis

5.1.1. Phone interview Customer ignore answer or give the wrong infromation carefully choose sample Short and direct question