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Leadership by Mind Map: Leadership

1. Mentorship

1.1. Mentor is NOT a career adviser

1.2. Mentor offers a difference perspective

1.3. Has stack in the success

2. Motivation

2.1. Algorithmic Job

2.1.1. Carrot & Stick

2.2. Heuristic Job

2.2.1. Cannot motivate by Carrot and Stick and 'if-then' rewards

2.2.2. Autonomy Task Time Technique Team

2.2.3. Mastery Mastery is a mindset Skill/Intelligence is a finite entiry Skill/Intelligence can be improved by leaning and Practice

2.2.4. Purpose

3. Leadership Styles

3.1. Jass Band Leader

3.2. Symphony/Orchestration

4. Leadership Types

4.1. Tactical Leadership

4.1.1. Focused on running the business

4.2. Strategic Leadership

4.2.1. Focused on changing the business