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KickAss Business Plan by Mind Map: KickAss Business Plan

1. How To

1.1. Use this template to create an initial business plan for your new idea. It will help you find answers to the most important questions to start a new venture.

2. Project Plan

2.1. Stage 1 - Strategic Plan

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Stage 2 - Define the Business Opportunity

2.2.1. Define the Market Collect available information Analyze the market, identify potential niches Identify competition Identify target market

2.2.2. Identify Needed Resources Select a business approach Identify staffing requirements Identify needed facilities and utilities Document initial operating expenses

2.2.3. Evaluate Potential Risks and Rewards Assess market opportunity Assess resources availability and risks Assess potential returns Forecast financial returns

2.2.4. Update the strategic plan and business opportunity

2.2.5. Decide whether or not to proceed

2.3. Stage 3 - Develop Detailed Business Plan

2.3.1. Develop 3 Year Business Plan Describe the business vision, mission, and opportunity List assumptions, risks, constraints, and dependencies Describe the market Describe the new business Describe strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Forecast sales volume Forecast operating costs Establish pricing and promotional strategy Forecast revenue Develop break-even analysis Develop cash-flow projection Develop startup plan Develop sales and marketing strategy Develop distribution plan Publish the business plan Decide whether or not to proceed

2.4. Stage 4 - Execute Plan

2.4.1. Research business locations

2.4.2. Develop Marketing Program Develop Brand Identify names Research name availability Research web address availability Develop a logo Define brand identity Select Name and Web Address Choose a Bank Establish accounts Establish line of credit Choose legal representation Select business category Select capital funding source Commit capital funding Provide Physical Facilities Secure location Select network hardware Select computer software Select utilities Purchase / lease furniture and equipment Move in Establish the Operating Control Base Set up accounting system Obtain licenses and permits Obtain insurance Establish security plan

2.4.3. Secure Staffing Interview and test candidates Hire staff Train staff

2.4.4. Start up the business

3. Business Data

3.1. Business Approach

3.1.1. New Entry Pros Cons Potential Risks Potential Rewards Competition Start-up Costs Sales / Revenue Forecast

3.1.2. Purchase Existing Business Pros Cons Potential Risks Potential Rewards Competition Start-up Costs Sales / Revenue Forecast

3.1.3. Franchise Pros Cons Potential Risks Potential Rewards Competition Start-up Costs Sales / Revenue Forecast

3.2. Market Size

3.3. Assumptions

3.4. Market Overview

3.5. SWOT Analysis

3.5.1. Strengths

3.5.2. Opportunities

3.5.3. Threats

3.5.4. Weaknesses

3.6. Financial Overview

3.6.1. Forecast sales volume

3.6.2. Forecast operating costs

3.6.3. Establish pricing and promotional strategy

3.6.4. Forecast revenue

3.6.5. Develop break-even analysis

3.6.6. Develop cash-flow projection

3.7. Sales and Marketing Strategy

3.7.1. Brand Plan

3.7.2. Naming Options

3.7.3. Logos

3.7.4. web sites

3.7.5. Promotions

3.7.6. Pricing

3.7.7. Distribution

3.8. Business Locations

3.8.1. Available options

3.8.2. Top 3 choices

3.9. Equipment

3.9.1. Furniture

3.9.2. Network

3.9.3. Computers

3.9.4. Software

3.9.5. Other

4. Business Objectives

4.1. Create TopAss Apps

4.2. Create RockSolid Company

4.3. Create CoolAss Team