Evaluation & Production

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Evaluation & Production by Mind Map: Evaluation & Production

1. Editing in Production

1.1. Final Cut Pro X

1.1.1. We used this to edit our film. We all had experience in using this software from the year before. This piece of software allows creativity to flow. For example, for the grading, the exposure was manipulated and the saturation was brought down in some frames to keep the shots looking as natural as possible.

1.2. Photoshop

1.2.1. This was used to create our little white lies magazine cover and poster.

1.3. iPhone

1.3.1. I used my iPhone to send different drafts of particular projects in order to get opinions and exchange work.

1.4. iMovie

1.4.1. I used iMovie in many tasks during my WIX blog.

1.5. Word

1.5.1. Word was used to create and edit our logo.

2. Film Equipment

2.1. Tascam Recording

2.1.1. This was used to record our actors voice and any diegetic background sounds.

2.2. Samyang Lenses

2.2.1. We used the 35mm due to its high optical quality.

2.3. Blackmagic 4K Camera

2.3.1. We used this camera. I felt as though I was quicker using as I have experience from the year before. I was able to adjust settings more sufficiently. The ISO, white balance and the exposure are very easily changeable as it is on a touch screen and you just simply click up or down depending where your levels need to be.

2.4. Tripod

2.4.1. We used the tripod sometimes to create still shots.

2.5. SSD Card

2.5.1. This had all our footage on it and was transferred by using a personal hardrive.

2.6. Stedicam

2.6.1. This was used by our head cinematographer in order to get a variety of shots. Alistair has experience using this so he felt comfortable.

3. Evaluation Process

3.1. WIX

3.1.1. My whole entire work process is recorded on WIX.

3.2. Emaze

3.2.1. I used Emaze to create fun presentations in my evaluation. This website was easy to use and will continue to use this in my future projects.

3.3. Prezi

3.3.1. Prezi was used many times as I find it very quick and simple to use.

3.4. ThingLink

3.4.1. ThingLink was used to show information regarding film posters as you are able to attach words to specific points on the image.

3.5. SoundCloud

3.5.1. I used SoundCloud to do analysis work on the codes and conventions of my genre.

4. Media Platforms in Production

4.1. Facebook

4.1.1. Facebook was used to communicate with our team and other actors. We also were able to post surveys on this in order to get peoples opinions.

4.2. Messenger

4.3. Email

4.4. Vimeo

4.4.1. I used Vimeo in order to watch other short films for inspiration, during production.

4.5. Youtube

4.5.1. I used Youtube in order to watch videos such as war films and directors/actors who had worked on these specific films, during production.