Career Planning

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Career Planning by Mind Map: Career Planning

1. Career Tools

1.1. Career Hub

1.1.1. Networking Skills

1.1.2. Job Boards

1.1.3. Selection Criteria

1.1.4. Interview Skills

1.1.5. Resume writing

1.2. Career Advisors

1.2.1. Mentors

1.2.2. Graduates of the course

1.3. Career Plan

1.3.1. Self Awareness What more can i do to better equip myself? What other training/course can i add to better my chances

1.3.2. Research the field of degree

1.3.3. Plan a career path

1.3.4. Volunteer to gain experience

1.3.5. Self Marketing Research chosen career path

2. Volunteering Skills and Experience

2.1. Helps give you a bit of independence with decision making

2.2. Meet different people

2.3. Work in large teams

2.4. Time Management

2.5. Networking

2.6. Challenge yourself

2.7. Build Confidence

3. Mentoring

3.1. Helpful experience from 2nd and 3rd year

3.2. Ask queries to better set up a career path

3.3. development of interpersonal skills

3.4. Leadership skills

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5. Summary

5.1. Gaining as much experience as you can will help to make you decision to study a specific subject that much easier. There are so many tools out there that can be used to help guide you in a direction if you are not quite sure. Seeking help from places like the Career Hub will open up an vast variety of useful tool to be sucessful in not only completing your study but also having long jeverdy in your career. Networking is also key to sucess, these people will be able to open door to jobs; also build your confidence in speaking to large groups of people and also people from different backgrounds and beliefs. (ECU, 2014)