Major Events of World War II

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Major Events of World War II by Mind Map: Major Events of World War II

1. German Agression

1.1. Nazi Germany signs pact with Soviet Union

1.2. Germany invades Poland initiating WWII

1.3. Germans invade Scandinavia and attack Western Europe

1.4. Nazis invade Soviet Union in 1941

2. Asia

2.1. Japan invades China in 1937

2.2. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor in 1941

3. Soviet Union

3.1. Invades Poland from the East

3.2. Occupies the Baltics States and establishes communism

3.3. Invaded by Germans

3.4. Industrialize and become major world power

4. United States

4.1. Enter WWII in 1941 after Pearl Harbor

4.2. Join war against Nazi Germany

4.3. Land in Normandy, France to attack

4.4. Drop and atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945