Is space exploration in general worth the cost?

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Is space exploration in general worth the cost? by Mind Map: Is space exploration in general worth the cost?

1. No, it is not worth the cost.

1.1. Global warming and other wastes

1.1.1. Climate change Global warming Space exploration causes global warming to grow bigger In 2014, Senator Jim Inhofe held up a snowball and said nothing else, because the snowball itself said it all The snowball indicated that the growing average temperature in the world caused more precipitation events and caused extreme weathers like snow

1.1.2. Waste of money NASA and satellites Spends more than 2 billion dollars on just specifically research for space science There are a total of 16 different key Earth-observing satellites

1.2. Dangerous change

1.2.1. Internet We are letting technology to grow at an exponential pace We get internet by ground based applications--out wires are linked with the rest of the world, and our countries' networks

1.2.2. SpaceX Half the world right now isn't able to have access to the internet, unlike us, and Elon Musk wants to change that Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, wants to send the largest satellite constellation ever sent into space to provide internet for every single one of us at any point in time It would be both dangerous and hard for those who already have internet access to adopt whole new perspectives from an unprecedented crowd

1.3. Pretentious humans

1.3.1. Mass extinction Before us, the human species, there were 5 mass extinction events of other species, the last one being the dinosaurs 99 percent of all species are all extinct, yet somehow we think we could do better than all those before us

1.3.2. Colonizing Mars SpaceX and NASA wants to cooperate and together colonize Mars By bringing 1 million people to Mars as a backup planet for the Earth, we humans are basically telling all former species "We are better than all of you."

2. Yes, it is worth the cost.

2.1. Advancements in many areas

2.1.1. Technology Space race Soviet Union: huge boosts to everything U.S.: miniaturization of whatever possible Start of a trend Apollo guidance computer

2.1.2. Daily needs Clothing and vehicle technology Because of the research on astronaut uniforms, clothing have been improved to be more fire-resistant Weather and natural disasters forecasting Weather forecasting has been a lot more accurate than before, because of the satellite monitoring in space Natural disasters like forest fires, oil spills, aquifer depletion, etc. can also be detected before hand by satellites

2.1.3. Medicine Monitoring technology Unprecedented (never happened before) improvements in patient monitoring Vehicles too, have been improved by having more fire-resistant engines Advancement based on the technology used when monitoring orbiting astronauts Skeletal treatments Research done in astronaut calcium loss cased by not being able to adapt to different environments This research led to better understanding and treatment of osteoporosis: loss of tissue in the bone Human health From the process of space data reduction, digital mammography (using x-ray to detect tumors) was improved Research on astronaut food helped produce more healthy food for babies