Cooperative Learning

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Cooperative Learning by Mind Map: Cooperative Learning

1. Completed So far:

1.1. Got permission from the Principal and Assistant Principal

1.2. Sent out Consent Forms

1.3. Recieved six of eight forms back and only one no, yay!

2. Still To Do:

2.1. Still waiting for two more consent forms

2.2. Implement Design

2.3. Collect Research

2.4. Analysize Research

3. Questions and Concerns that I have at the moment:

3.1. Am I able to adapt or change the lessons that I had apendixed in my IRB to meet the needs of the school?

4. What I have learned so far:

4.1. Everything is very strict with special education curriculum and I have to make sure my lessons are intergrated into what they are learning.

4.2. I was shocked that most of the parents said yes because of how strict and confidential everything else is