Product by Idioms Add

Product by Idioms Add by Lawrence Romero Vigeowebsite - Manual

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Product by Idioms Add by Mind Map: Product by Idioms Add

1. Products option

1.1. Login to Dashboard

1.2. Expand Products

1.3. You can see the Products option

2. Added

2.1. Select Save to add product by idiom

2.2. Dashboard verify your product by idiom

2.3. If all OK then product by idiom added

2.4. Actions to Details, Edit or Delete the product by idiom

3. Locate Product Code

3.1. Click Products to display the screen

3.2. Locate the Product Code

3.3. You will see the Product Idioms screen

3.4. Select New Product by Idiom

4. Product by Idiom

4.1. You will see the New Product by Idiom screen

4.2. Click on the box next to Culture

4.3. Enter the Product Name

4.4. Enter the product Description