Gameful Canvas Workshop

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Gameful Canvas Workshop by Mind Map: Gameful Canvas Workshop

1. Workshop Introduction (one activity unlocks your adventure) (up to 6,500 points)

1.1. What brings you to this conversation about gameful learning? (3,000 points)

1.2. Gameful pedagogical assumptions (2,500 points)

1.3. How to try out the gameful Canvas settings offered here (1,000 points)

2. Why go gameful? (up to 6,000 points)

2.1. Why use a "gameful" pedagogy? (3,000 points)

2.2. Possible challenges (and solutions) for faculty using a gameful pedagogy (3,000 points)

3. Establish gameful settings (up to 19,000 points)

3.1. Set up a Custom Grading Scheme (Important) (10,000 points)

3.2. Seven Settings to Render Canvas Gameful (7,000 points)

3.3. Select a course image (only if you wish to) (1,000 points)

3.4. Create a "mind map" to help students navigate your course (1,000 points)

4. Gameful pedagogy resources beyond this workshop

5. Gameful Canvas Workshop: Navigating the gameful terrain with a mind map

6. Start here Pre-workshop Survey (500 points)

6.1. Please complete this short survey before the workshop