Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton by Mind Map: Alexander Hamilton

1. Childhood

1.1. Mother: Rachel Faucette

1.2. Father: James Hamilton

1.3. Parents unmarried

1.4. Born in British West Indies

1.5. Father abandoned him

1.6. Moved to Virgin Islands

1.7. Mother Died when he was about 12

1.8. Went to live with an uncle but the uncle committed suicide

2. Education

2.1. When Hamilton's mother died, the estate was sold off except for the family's books which were purchased and returned to Hamilton by a friend

2.2. Couldn't attend Church of England school on the island because he was a bastard

2.3. Attended private school on the island

2.4. As a teen, wrote about hurricane he experienced that was so impressed local leaders that they took up a collection to send him to school in America

2.5. 1772 Elizabethtown Academy, New Jersey

2.6. 1773 Columbia University (Then called Kings College NYC).

2.7. First Political Writings

2.8. School closed when the British occupied NY, Hamilton didn't pass the bar until after the War for Independence

3. Try MeisterTask!

4. Scandal & Aaron Burr

4.1. 1791-92 The Reynolds Affair : Scandal broke in 1797

4.1.1. Hamilton exposed the affair himself in order to prove he was not guilty of any misconduct related to his position as Secretary of the Treasury

4.2. In election of 1800, sided with Jefferson over Burr and Burr did not get presidency

4.3. 1804 Hamilton backed Burr's opponent for Governor of New York

4.4. The Albany Register published a letter that alluded to Hamilton disparaging Burr

4.4.1. Burr called on Hamilton to formerly apologize, he refused

4.5. July 11, 1804 Duel- Hamilton fired above Burr's head, Burr hit Hamilton fatally in the gut

5. Statesman

5.1. 1782 Appointed New York representative to Congress

5.2. 1784 Founded Bank of New York

5.3. 1787 New York delegate for Constitutional Convention and co-wrote Federalist Papers

5.4. 1789 1st US Secretary of the Treasury under Washington

5.4.1. Established U.S. Mint

5.5. Jay's Treaty- Established 10 years of peaceful trade with Britain

5.6. 1795 resigned as Secretary

5.7. !796 Election- Tried to oust John Adams to VP but was unsuccessful

5.8. 1800 Letter from Alexander Hamilton, Concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams, Esq. President of the United States split Federalist Party letting Thomas Jefferson become president

6. American Revolution

6.1. Joined New York Volunteer militia with classmates

6.2. 1776 Raised and elected as captain of the New York Provincial Company of Artillery

6.3. 4 years as Washington's aide and rank of Lieutenant Colonel

6.4. Threatened to resign unless given an active combat command. Assigned to New York light infantry battalion

6.5. Glory at the Battle of Yorktown

7. Family

7.1. 1780 Wife: Elizabethe Schuyler

7.1.1. Philip Angelica Alexander, Jr. James Alexander John Church William Stephen Elizabeth Philip