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1. Solutions

1.1. We can't stop it, but we can make it slow it down

1.2. Conserve fossil fuels

1.3. Conserve rainforests

1.3.1. Countries must protect their rainforests, not destroy them

1.4. Use natural energy

1.4.1. Sun Solar energy

1.4.2. Sea Marine energy

1.4.3. Wind Wind energy

1.5. Ban CFCs

1.6. Reduce your waste

1.6.1. Stop using plastic bags

1.6.2. Instead of using disposables, focus on reusable

1.6.3. Recycle as much as you can

1.6.4. Compost your food waste

1.7. Choose organic over commercial farming

2. Origin

2.1. The atmosphere is a blanket of gases and keeps the planet's temperature at about 15ºC.

2.1.1. How? By trapping some of the sun's heat

2.2. Now, because of pollution, there are more gases in the atmosphere.

2.2.1. This means that the earth is getting hotter.

2.3. Scientist call this problem 'The greenhouse effect'.

3. Main greenhouse gases

3.1. Carbon dioxide (CO2)

3.1.1. Burning fossil fuels

3.1.2. Burning rainforest trees

3.1.3. Fewer and fewer trees More and more CO2

3.2. CFSs

3.2.1. Aerosol / Spray

3.2.2. Refrigerators

3.2.3. Plastic boxes

3.2.4. CFCs molecules can trap a lot of heat and destroy the air. This is making the top level of the atmosphere (ozone) thinner

3.3. Methane

3.3.1. Cow's stomachs

3.4. Nitrous oxide

3.4.1. Fertilizers

3.4.2. Rubbish

4. Consequences

4.1. Rise of the earth's temperature

4.2. Change of weather

4.2.1. Ice at the North and South Poles will start to melt

4.2.2. Level of the sea will rise

4.2.3. Floods

4.3. Problems of food

4.3.1. E.g. USA and USSR too dry for farming

4.3.2. Other countries will become wetter Soil not rich

4.3.3. Impossible to grow the same amount of food as before