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Teenage Depression by Mind Map: Teenage Depression
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Teenage Depression

Purpose of Controlling Statement:  In this paper, I am going to identify the possible causes and symptoms for teenage depression, as well as discuss treatments that could help its patients deal with such a disease. Thesis: There are many warning signs that can be taken into consideration to help identify this sickness in its early stages:  namely, the passing-down of depression from parent to child and the continued duration of stressful situations.



professional counseling

home remedies


fatigue/decreased energy

persistent "empty" feelings

loss of interest in activities/hobbies



depression screenings

mental health assessment


Depression is defined as an imbalance of neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that send messages between nerve cells in the brain.  Experts have not yet determined a concrete reason as to why these chemicals become imbalanced, but believe such a change may occur due to stress or illness.


stress, social problems, and/or unresolved family conflict

long-term/serious medical conditions, learning problems, and/or behavioral problems

Risk Factors

being physically/sexually abused

having a family member or close friend die

having a parent/immediate family member who is depressed

The risk for depression is 3 times more likely if this is the case.