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The evolution in society's attitude towards education by Mind Map: The evolution in society
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The evolution in society's attitude towards education

Purpose of controlling statement; In this paper I am going to explain the evolution in the society's attitude towards education.   Thesis; The students attitude towards education has evolved due to changes, race of family in society, and  the similarities and differences of education in the past and present.

Race of family in society

Who could have an education back then

talk about in segregation, How was the education for the african americans different from Caucasians

woman couldn't have an education til later on in the year.

when the men had to leave for war women usually stuck doing house work

How is education different in every country?

The changes in Society

Change in technology


helping programs

have mp3, ipods, ipad, etc

Phones, has internet, it's like having a small computer but portable., texting

Added more new things to our education

more information we need to be aware of.

take tests that was not required before to take.

become more harder

Programs (makes kids now more harder to focus on school work




Educational system different now than it was back then?

How do you think kids are doing now? is it easier??

What we are required to take now and what they were required to take back then.

credits needed

what they could take

how many periods they had in highschool?

Educational System back then

did they have pre-ap/ ap classes that they could take

were they all in the same class for all their core classes?

How did the students do on tests

were their difficulties in learning the concepts?

what tests did they have to take (for ex. we have to take EOC, Tli, etc.)

What's still the same in our education?

We still learn the same information

now, we just have more history and things required to know and learn

same core classes to take

math, algebra, geometry, calculus and more.

science, physical science, biology, anatomy

english, required to take every year

History, civics, american government