The Crisis in Japan

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The Crisis in Japan by Mind Map: The Crisis in Japan

1. Nuclear Reactor Problems

1.1. Cause/s

1.1.1. Quake broke the structure

1.1.2. Pump generator was taken out

1.1.3. Overheating Leaking radiation New node

1.2. Poising

1.2.1. Traces of radiation found in food limit on amount of food purchased from region

1.2.2. Large concentration of highly contaminate water recently discovered

1.2.3. Relief workers are being poisoned

1.2.4. Oceanography has been ruined Reefs wildlife fish

1.3. International concern

2. Economic Issues

2.1. Reduction in tourism

2.2. Reduction in food purchases

2.3. Cost of rebuilding

3. Humanitarian Challenge

4. Thesis Organizer

4.1. Argument

4.1.1. major national crisis

4.2. point 1

4.2.1. nuclear reactor problems

4.3. point 2

4.3.1. economic crisis

4.4. point 3

4.4.1. Humanitarian Challenge

5. Final Thesis

5.1. The crisis in Japan has had a great toll on Japan BECAUSE the region is being exposed to nuclear radiation, signs of economic crisis are already showing, and humanitarian relief is greatly needed.

6. Global Effects

6.1. Raising awareness globally about the risks of nuclear power

6.2. Global economics are negatively affected

6.3. Wildlife and other resources are being negatively affected