Midsummer Night's Dream Character Map

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Midsummer Night's Dream Character Map by Mind Map: Midsummer Night's Dream Character Map

1. Hermia

1.1. Sad

1.1.1. She does not want to marry Deterius.

1.2. Desperate

1.2.1. She is willing to run away from home to marry Lysander. She is willing to become a nun or die so she does not marry Deterius.

1.3. Crazy

1.3.1. She is willing to die or become a nun so she does not have to marry Demetius.

1.4. Main Protagonist for the plot. Her desires are to be able to do what she wants and marry Lysander instead of Demetrius.

2. Demetrius

2.1. speechless

2.1.1. Doesn't talk much against Lysander.

2.2. temper

2.2.1. Has a weak temper, and once you break it, he will fight you.

2.3. Eager

2.3.1. He wants to marry Hermia badly. He does not want Lysander to marry Hermia. He does not let Lysander say anything against him about Hermia.

2.4. Desires

2.4.1. Wants to marry Hermia and will only marry Hermia. Doesn't even care about Helena.

3. Helena

3.1. Jealous

3.1.1. She wants to marry Demetius. She was in love with Deterius before Hermia came.

3.2. In love with Demetrius

3.2.1. She loves Demetrius

3.3. Poets

3.3.1. Most people like to rhyme like Lysander, Hermia, and Helena.

3.4. Is the friend of the protagonist of the main conflict, and is loosely related to the fall of her friend's plan. She also has the desire and motivation to marry Demetrius.

4. Quince

4.1. governor

4.1.1. He leads everyone throughout the group discussions and keeps everyone in check.

4.2. Responsible

4.2.1. He is taking charge of making times for reheasal and he is making sure everyone is there.

4.3. Rich

4.3.1. Wears a bowler hat, glasses and owns a bicycle. Happened during the movie. Has a lot of Kash. Bicycles are a rarity in these says and are very expensive

4.4. Excited

4.4.1. He is happy to perform the play for the Duke and Duchess.

4.5. Connection to the plot

4.5.1. He and his band of merry men go to the woods, and this connects to the plot because guess who else is going to that place... Thy lovers, guess who else is there? Thy fairies. (And cue thy dramatic

5. Bottom

5.1. Bossy

5.1.1. He wants to play every part in the show and he won't let anyone else play a part that he wants. I.ii.39-65

5.2. Eager

5.2.1. He tries to be every character. He is really excited about the play. I.ii.4-35

5.3. Show-off

5.3.1. He does the Hercules Poem and talks about how amazing he is at roaring and acting.

5.4. Insane

5.4.1. He wants to play all the parts instead of one.

5.4.2. He tries to play all parts, and doesn't really care about others, he also has a motorcycle and wears biker gang leather suit

5.5. Bottom really wants to play all of the roles in the play and is motivated to convince the other stage actors. He also have to go along with Quince to be Pyramus.

6. Starveling

6.1. Younger

6.1.1. He is going to play Thisbe's mother so he will not have a beard.

6.2. Interested

6.2.1. He is not mad at being Thisbe's mother.

6.3. Mellow

6.3.1. He is okay with being Thisbe's mother.

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8. Theseus

8.1. A warrior

8.1.1. He conquered Hippolyta's land and made her marry him through force

8.2. Impatient

8.2.1. He talks how slow time moves as he waits for his wedding day

8.3. Leader

8.3.1. Duke of Athens

8.4. Nice

8.4.1. He gives Hermia and Lysander time to talk after Hermia had had a hard time.

8.5. Motivated

8.5.1. He really is motivated to help Hermia out, he also has the desire to marry Hippolyta

9. Lysander

9.1. Selfish

9.1.1. He and Hermia are going to go to his Aunt's house. His aunt does not know and they are going there so He and Hermia are safe.

9.2. Clever

9.2.1. When he said they could go to the old house, he was convincing here to go.

9.3. Desperate

9.3.1. He is desperate with Hermia because she will be gone in a few days. He decided to run away with Hermia from Athens because of this.

9.4. I.i. 90-225 (motivation)

9.5. Lysander loves Hermia and thinks that he has every right to marry her her as Demetrius. He is motivated because he and Hermia love each other which is better than just her dad choosing.

10. Snug

10.1. Slow learner

10.1.1. He asks for his part beforehand

10.2. Nervous

10.2.1. He does not want to mess up when he does his part. He wants to be prepared.

10.3. Not as good as the others

10.3.1. He gets the smallest parts and is not confident.

11. Flute

11.1. Going through puberty/young

11.1.1. He has a high pitched voice. He also says he has a beard coming. Women were never played by an actual woman, it was played by a young man.

11.2. Curious

11.2.1. He is wondering who Thisbe is.

11.3. Unwilling

11.3.1. He wants to have a beard, but it will take longer if he plays Thisbe.

12. Snout

12.1. On point

12.1.1. Brought all the costumes

12.2. Good with his hands

12.2.1. He fixes things for a living, mostly metal

13. Philostrate

13.1. Party Planner

13.1.1. That is his job stated in the book

13.2. Noble

13.2.1. High in Theseus' Court

13.3. Good at making people happy

13.3.1. That is his job

14. Egeus

14.1. Desires

14.1.1. He wants to have his daughter marry Demetrius, even though she disobeys him. He also has the craving for the death of Lysander.

14.2. Selfish

14.2.1. He is making his daughter marry Deterius, die, or become a nun. He does not care about what Hermia wants to do.

14.3. Powerful

14.3.1. He has power over his daughter and will make her marry who he wants and doesn't care if she dies.

14.4. Wantful

14.4.1. Egeus has desires to make his daughter marry Demetrius. He wants her to marry no matter what. He has given Demetrius his love so Hermia has to marry him, become a nun, or DIE!