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War Pamphlets + Caleb Williams by Mind Map: War Pamphlets + Caleb Williams
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War Pamphlets + Caleb Williams

French Revolution

Year 1789 Meeting of Estates general called by King Louis XVI to discuss a new tax plan Third Estates declares themselves as the National Assembly Made the Tennis Court Oath: swore not to separate until a constitutional regime was established The storming and fall of the Bastille National Assembly announced end of feudalism and serfdom in France Declaration of the Rights of Man issued by the National Assembly Paris women marched to Versailles

Year 1791 King Louis XVI and his family were arrested while trying to flee France

Year 1793 Louis XVI sentence to the guillotine

Year 1794 The Reign of Terror – court sentenced 20,000 to 40, 000 people to death

Year 1799 General Napoleon Bonaparte overthrew the Directory and ended the French Revolution

Effects of French Revolution on Britain

Pro Revolution

Anti Revolution

William Godwin, Caleb Williams



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