web design 2016-2017

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web design 2016-2017 by Mind Map: web design 2016-2017

1. Favorite Tv Show

1.1. It was a website about our favorite tv shows and history about our favorite characters. We also added videos that included our favorite scenes of the show/ movie along with characteristics that define the character.

2. Famous People Website

2.1. A web page based on our choosing of three people that made some kind of impact in society. We provided facts and our own Photoshop work embedded in the website, as well as a CSS page.

3. creative composite project

3.1. We used our creative and our skills in Photoshop to creative an image that included almost everything we learned in Photoshop. The skills included taking images from the background and almost using tools like magic-wand, quick select and more!

4. HTML lab 2

4.1. A majority we learned how to create headings and subheadings, we created a table and had different background colors in each table. We used HTML code to set up this web page and create

5. HTML lab 1

5.1. This project was to help us understand how to embed videos and pictures and change background colors as well as change text properties, it was a simple layout. We also linked other websites in our home page.

6. PS Puppet Warp Project

6.1. Did a creative project using Photoshop and the feature called puppet warp. Puppet wrap distorted texts and pictures and made them unique.

7. informative literacy slides

7.1. This project was mainly to help us when we create a website to make it organized and make it very helpful also relevant. To put information in our webpage that was important and make it number one visited website.

8. Tech History Timeline

8.1. This was a timeline we created about the history of technology and how we go to where we are right now, we learned who created what and why they invited it, and how it impacted us. We also learned how to use time toast and set up a timeline. We research this events and wrote facts based on what we found.

9. Web Design Research Project

9.1. We partnered up, chose a topic and did research on the subject and put together a presentation based on the facts we gathered. For instance I did smart houses and the advantages and disadvantages or having a Smart house.