Reality Television of the New Millenium

Current and fairly recent reality television programs

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Reality Television of the New Millenium by Mind Map: Reality Television of the New Millenium

1. Game Shows

1.1. Traditional

1.1.1. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

1.1.2. The Weakest Link

1.1.3. Jeopardy

1.1.4. Wheel of Fortune

1.1.5. The Price is Right

1.2. Group Settings

1.2.1. Survivor

1.2.2. Big Brother

2. Competition

2.1. Food

2.1.1. Top Chef Top Chef Masters Top Chef Just Desserts

2.1.2. Chopped

2.1.3. Hell's Kitchen

2.1.4. Iron Chef

2.2. Talent

2.2.1. Regular People Singing American Idol America's Got Talent Dancing America's Next Best Dance Crew So You Think You Can Dance

2.2.2. Celebrities Dance Dancing with the Stars Business The Celebrity Apprentice

2.3. Fashion

2.3.1. Project Runway

2.3.2. America's Next Top Model

2.3.3. The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection

2.4. Art

2.4.1. Work of Art

3. Documentary

3.1. Serious

3.1.1. Individual Problems Intervention My Strange Addiction Hoarders True Life

3.2. Gossip/Drama

3.2.1. Real Housewives New York Bethenny Ever After New Jersey Miami Orange County Beverly Hills DC Atlanta

3.2.2. Scripted Laguna Beach The Hills

3.3. Random Group Living

3.3.1. Real World (25 seasons) Road Rules

3.3.2. Jersey Shore

3.4. Improvement/Renovation

3.4.1. Businesses Kitchen Nightmares Tabatha's Salon Takeover

3.4.2. Self The Biggest Loser Extreme Makeover What Not to Wear Made Tool Academy I Used to Be Fat

3.4.3. Home Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Trading Spaces

3.5. Weddings

3.5.1. Say Yes to the Dress

3.5.2. My Fair Wedding

3.5.3. Bridezillas

3.5.4. Amazing Wedding Cakes

4. Dating

4.1. Teen

4.1.1. Room Raiders

4.1.2. Date My Mom

4.1.3. Parental Control

4.2. Adult

4.2.1. The Millionaire Matchmaker

4.2.2. Competition The Bachelor The Bachelorette Paradise Hotel Average Joe