Child abuse in UAE

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Child abuse in UAE by Mind Map: Child abuse in UAE

1. Types

1.1. Physical abuse

1.1.1. suffered or risk of suffering hitting shaking throwing burning biting poisoning

1.2. Sexual abuse

1.2.1. phsical rape oral sex

1.2.2. verbal taking about sexually

1.2.3. emotional magazines films photographs

1.3. Emotional abuse

1.3.1. social bullying exposure of a child to domestic and family violence

1.3.2. emotional yelling hostility rejection

1.3.3. cognitive

1.3.4. intellctual criticsm

1.4. Neglect

1.4.1. child's basic necessities of life are not met food housing health care adequate clothing personal hygiene hygienic living conditions

2. Causes

2.1. Families who are under pressure and lack support

2.1.1. poverty

2.1.2. lack of education

2.1.3. serious marital problems

2.1.4. frequent changes of addresses

2.1.5. violence between family members

2.1.6. lack of support from the extended family

2.1.7. loneliness and social isolation

2.1.8. unemployment

2.1.9. inadequate housing

2.2. Encourage child abuse

2.2.1. violence and force

2.2.2. physical punishment of children

2.2.3. racism

2.2.4. inequality between men and women

2.3. Others

2.3.1. work pressures

2.3.2. mental or physical ill health

2.3.3. alcohol/ drug abuse

2.3.4. depression

2.3.5. physical effects

3. Effects

3.1. Physical effect

3.1.1. physical injury bruises severe injury broken bones

3.1.2. health problems shaken body syndrome impaired brain development

3.2. Psychological effect

3.2.1. emotional low self-esteem relationship difficulties

3.3. behavioral effect

3.3.1. abused

3.3.2. neglected

4. solutions

4.1. Legal

4.1.1. police section

4.1.2. social support center

4.2. Personal

4.2.1. be a nurturing parent love children grow

4.2.2. help a friend neighbor spend time together relative helping to caring

4.2.3. respect kids kind relationship

4.3. Support

4.3.1. school teachers nurses social workers

4.3.2. home famil

4.3.3. social support center