Access to Safe Drinking Water in East Timor

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Access to Safe Drinking Water in East Timor by Mind Map: Access to Safe Drinking Water in East Timor

1. Lack of help from the government

1.1. Corrupt officials

1.2. No taxes

1.2.1. No proper toilets

1.2.2. No decent plumbing

1.2.3. No clean water Disease and illness

2. Lack of Infrastructure

2.1. No dams to store water

2.2. No pipes to carry clean water

2.3. Nothing to separate clean water from unsafe substances

2.4. Nothing to block people from sewers

3. Lack of expertise

3.1. Not enough specialised people to build dams and pipes

3.2. Lack knowledge of where to build the pipes

3.3. Not enough education to know how and where to build dams

3.4. No centralised government planning of proper resources such as pipes, wells and dams

4. Finance

4.1. Not enough money to buy resources to build wells, dams and pipes

4.2. Can't afford to pay people to build damns, wells and pipes

4.3. Lack of available finance to clear or remove hazardous substances which may affect drinking water