IGCSE Art & Design: Fine Art 2019

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IGCSE Art & Design: Fine Art 2019 by Mind Map: IGCSE Art & Design: Fine Art 2019

1. Personal Portfolio

1.1. Making Connections

1.1.1. Video Shephard Fairey

2. External Examination

2.1. Lorem ipsum

2.1.1. Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum

3. General Resources

3.1. Everyone's a Critic

3.2. Vocabulary for Discussing Art

3.3. IGCSE Assessment Criteria

3.4. Freehand Sketching

3.5. Exploring Colour Workshop

3.6. Lessons in Classical Painting

3.6.1. good value scale exercise

3.7. Paint & Draw

3.7.1. How to Paint & Draw (magazine)

3.7.2. Paint & Draw May 2017

3.7.3. Paint & Draw March 2017

3.8. Artists & Illustrators

3.8.1. Summer 2015 watercolour texture experiment

3.8.2. June 2013 How to paint great portraits

3.9. Drawing 2017

3.10. Drawing for absolute beginners

3.11. you can draw in 30 days

3.12. Drawing on the Right side of the Brain

3.13. Teacher websites

3.13.1. Julia Stubbs

3.13.2. Bartel Art

3.13.3. Incredible Art Dept

3.13.4. MountEden Art Dept

4. Natural Forms

4.1. Learning Objectives

4.1.1. Outcomes Nature Collages Nature Stencil 3. Close-up and enlarge 2. Close-up photos 1. Collect and spray Nine Square challenge 100 Photos Ceramic Vessel Nine 2.5 inch tiles Visual Arts Journal Ink & watercolour study mixed media sketchbook study Sam Pickard Walnut study Pointillism Research study

4.2. Material Resources

4.2.1. Photography Square format Instagram black & white close-up vignette tilt shift

4.2.2. Collage Found natural objects plants leaves flowers insects twigs found papers

4.2.3. Drawing Charcoal Putty Eraser White pastel Ink Colour pencil Felt pen Marker Pencil 2B 4B

4.2.4. Paint watercolour washes for ink gouache background colour

4.2.5. Ceramics clay clay tools gouache glazes varnish

4.3. Artists

4.3.1. Courtney Mattison Videos Courtney Mattison at work Beneath the Surface: Rediscover a world worth conserving. Courtney Mattison Our Changing Seas Links CourtneyMattison.com Creative Boom article Hi Fructose article

4.3.2. Lee Gil Rae Links https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/entity/m0t50cqy?categoryId=artist https://www.leegilrae.com/ Videos 464회 이길래 -Art One / 아트원 Lee Gil Rae

4.3.3. Kate Atkin Images Shell Study Reverse Self Portrait Maw Study: Double Links http://www.kateatkin.net/index.php?/work/2011/

4.3.4. Peter Randall-Page Images Sixteen ways to keep a secret Terminal Bud Walnut Fruiting Bodies Nine Banksia Inventions Boogie Woogie Four Palm Trunks Dropping a Line Videos Tate Shots: Peter randall-Page TEDx Links http://www.peterrandall-page.com/about/drawings.html

4.3.5. Georgia O'Keeffe Images Artsy Georgiaokeeffe.net Google Arts & Culture: Georgia O'Keeffe Videos Georgia O'Keeffe: A Life in Art BBC Documentary - Georgia O'Keeffe, By Myself Links O'Keeffe Museum Tate Modern on Georgia O'Keeffe The Art Story on Georgia O'Keeffe

4.3.6. Yellena James Images working process - mural Thrive Video Teacher Demo - how to recreate a Yellena James technique. Yellena James - talking about her work Links http://yellena.com/about/ http://beautifuldecay.com/2009/05/25/yellena-james/ http://theartfolk.com/2016/08/29/yellena-james/ http://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2009/12/28/im-jealous-of-yellena-james/ https://goo.gl/fP9Xmq

4.4. Independent Study

4.4.1. Research task

4.5. Exemplar Resources

4.5.1. Pinterest Natural/Organic Forms

4.6. Programme of Study

4.6.1. Nature Collages Collect natural objects from around school Homework Nature stencil prepare pages with tape use Homework Outcome Create collage think about 3 x A5 white sheets of card glue with PVA Homework Spray completed collages spray lightly with white spray paint Photoshoot Play with lighting DSLR smartphone Outcome Homework

4.6.2. Close-up & enlarge study Research Word Illustrations Sean Williams Favourite things word list brainstorm Favourite things Create a portrait silhouette in AI Take photo against plain wall Use the Pen Tool (P) to trace around Using Envelop Distort in AI Make with Mesh Keyboard short cuts Splitting the silhouette with the Pen Tool (P) Arranging the words with the Direct Selection Tool (A) Using the large format printer to create stickers

4.6.3. Walnut study Watch - Wake Up and Smell the Fonts Typography slides link

4.6.4. Georgia O'Keeffe Design Brief Research demo WPAP Tutorial Wedha Pop Art Behance page Photo How to place a photo in AI Drawing Shapes Shape Builder Tool Pathfinder Tool Colour Themes & Colour Groups

4.6.5. Nine Square Challenge Design Brief Research Create Andy Warhol Style Pop Art Portrait using Photoshop Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Warhol-style, Pop Art Portrait from a Photo! Illustration slides doc Difficult Pop Art tutorial Preparing your Photo in Photoshop The importance of resolution and print size issues Understanding Layers Understanding Smart Objects Selection Tools Overview

4.6.6. Three Colour Lino print pattern Design Brief Research Shepard Fairey's Cultural artefacts Take photos Adobe Capture demo 4 Layers transferred to Adobe illustrator Add pattern to one layer Laser etch process Four layer colour print demo process

4.6.7. 100 Photos InDesign Basics document setup package workspace placing images text grids layout guides create a template Type arrangement Leading Kerning Alignment Line length Concertina Booklet document Template 20 x 15 12 side zfold brochure

5. Identity

5.1. Learning Objectives

5.1.1. Outcomes Visual Arts Journal Ink & watercolour study mixed media sketchbook study Photocubism Hockney Photo joiner Cubist portrait Photo challenge Observational Drawing & Painting studies Line Value Portraiture Selfies to Screenprints Warhol screenprint Expressionist Lino Portrait

5.2. Material Resources

5.2.1. Photography Square format Instagram black & white close-up vignette tilt shift cameras iphones lighting colour gels tripod

5.2.2. Drawing Charcoal Putty Eraser White pastel Ink Colour pencil Felt pen Marker Pencil 2B 4B

5.2.3. Paint watercolour washes for ink gouache background colour acrylic paint brushes

5.2.4. Printmaking Lino lino tools easycut paper inks Screenprint ezscreen

5.3. Artists

5.3.1. David Hockney Photos Videos South Bank Show documentary Hockney Polaroid Joiner a video Links Hockney Photo Cubism Hockney Photo Cubism Official David Hockney website Lesson Presentation Influenced Brno Del Zou Student exemplars 1

5.3.2. Risa Fukui Videos Risa Fukui Risa Links Risa Fukui website Shift article

5.3.3. Käthe Kollwitz images an image videos Pressure & Ink: relief Process links MoMA - German Expressionism MoMA - Woodcut process MoMA - what is printmaking? interactive

5.3.4. Frida Kahlo images an image videos MoMA Education - Self Portrait with Cropped Hair links Self portrait with Cropped Hair

5.3.5. Lui Ferreyra images an image videos a video links Talking about art - Girl Before a Mirror

5.3.6. Andy Warhol videos Modern Masters - Andy Warhol Smart History - Gold Marilyn links Warhol Artists Series Khan Academy - Marilyn Diptych

5.3.7. Jenny Saville videos Jenny Saville on the Human Body links Saatchi Gallery - Jenny Saville Guardian article: I used to be anti-beauty

5.3.8. Paul Uglow

5.4. Independent Study

5.4.1. Research Task

5.5. Exemplar Resources

5.5.1. MoMA - Investigating Identity

5.5.2. MoMA - Modern Portraits

6. Landscape/Urban Environment

6.1. Learning Objectives

6.1.1. Outcomes Visual Arts Journal Ink & watercolour study mixed media sketchbook study 100 Photos Research study

6.2. Material Resources

6.2.1. Photography Square format Instagram black & white close-up vignette tilt shift

6.2.2. Drawing Charcoal Putty Eraser White pastel Ink Colour pencil Felt pen Marker Pencil 2B 4B

6.2.3. Paint watercolour washes for ink gouache background colour

6.3. Artists

6.3.1. Vincent Van Gogh images videos Van Gogh - Starry Night Art History Online Van Gogh - The Starry Night MoMA - Starry Night links Van Gogh Museum - Google Arts & Culture link Vincent van Gogh - Google Arts & Culture MoMA Learning - Starry Night

6.3.2. Piet Mondrian images videos a video Tate Shots - Piet Mondrian Building the Boogie - animation MoMA - Broadway Boogie Woogie links The Art Story - Piet Mondrian MoMA - Broadway Boogie Woogie

6.3.3. Seth Clark videos Fragmentation links Seth Clark & Destroyer of Worlds interview The Inspiration Grid - Seth Clark Seth Clark website

6.3.4. Sarah Morris images an image videos Midtown - Sarah Morris Sarah Morris - Masterpieces of Contemporary Art process links Sarah Morris website Guggenheim bio

6.3.5. Yang Yongliang images an image videos Creators project - Saving Chinese Art from Extinction CBS patronising report Yang Yongliang - Industrial Worlds Yang Yongliang - Before the Rain links Yang Yonglaing website China Photo Education - Yang Yongliang Beautiful Bizarre - Yan Yongliang's Ancient Chinese Futuramas CNN Chinese Artist makes mountains out of tower blocks

6.3.6. Sonia & Robert Delaunay videos Matthew Collings The Rules of Abstraction Robert Delaunay Red Eiffel Tower MoMA - Robert Delaunay Simultaneous Contrasts links Sarah Morris website Guggenheim bio

6.4. Independent Study

6.5. Exemplar Resources