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Toon World! by Mind Map: Toon World!

1. Combat

1.1. Assets

1.1.1. Enemy Type 1 Animation Walk animation Melee attack animation Ranged attack animation Hit reaction animation Special attacks animations Death animation Character Model Model Texture Rigging Visual Effects Attack(s) Hit reaction(s) Power up(s) Special Attacks Audio SFX Voice acting?

1.1.2. UI Assets Damage points displayed on screen Enemy health displayed Player health displayed Player Mana / Magic health displayed (?)

1.1.3. Visual effects Hit reactions Attacks Death

1.2. Functionality

1.2.1. Basic attack Player can attack enemies Melee attack Ranged attack Enemy can attack player Melee attack Ranged attack Characters have hit points and can take damage Enemies can run at player

1.2.2. Attributes and Modifiers Damage dealt can be modified by player stats Player can buff their stats Damage dealt can be modified by weapon stats Damage received can be modified with armour

1.2.3. Energy Mechanic Power attack / special attack uses energy

1.2.4. Special abilities Power hit / damage Area of effect attack Stun / freeze mechanic Heal Buff Player's attribute (eg. strength) Dash attack Summon minion Shield / invulnerability Fast attack

1.2.5. Ability for player to switch weapons

1.2.6. Enemy AI Move to player Attack player Heal Run away Pathfinding Special attacks

2. Game Vision

2.1. Tech Stack

2.1.1. How do we build the game - tools, tech, process

2.2. Player Experience

2.2.1. Mood / tone / feeling of the game

2.2.2. Key Design Pillar(s) for the game

2.3. Product Remarkability

2.3.1. Single point of innovation for the game

2.3.2. Aspect of the game which will be remarkable

2.4. Art Direction

2.4.1. Reference images from internet

2.4.2. Art Concept Doc

2.4.3. ADD Concept Document Created

2.4.4. Target Game Screen

2.5. High Level Story

2.5.1. Who is the player?

2.5.2. What is the player trying to do?

2.5.3. What stands against the player?

3. Player Character Movement

3.1. Assets

3.1.1. Player Character Type 1 Animation Walk / run animation Melee attack animations Ranged attack animations Hit reaction animations Special attacks animations Death animations Character Model Model Texture Rigging Visual Effects Attack(s) Hit reaction(s) Power up(s) Special Attacks Audio SFX Voice acting?

3.2. Functionality

3.2.1. Pathfinding / collision

3.2.2. Animation blending

3.2.3. Controls are implemented and tuneable Mouse / keyboard Gamepad controller

3.2.4. Camera placement and tuning

3.2.5. Variables exposed: Player Movement speed Camera distance Camera angle

4. General Game Functionality

4.1. Pause menu

4.1.1. Volume controls

4.1.2. Keyboard customisation

4.1.3. Save / Load

4.2. Saving and loading

4.2.1. Assets UI and feedback screens

4.2.2. Functionality Player Initiated Saving Game Initiated Saving Multiple Save Slots / Load Screen Delete Save Game

4.3. Sound Effects

4.3.1. Assets Place link here for SFX asset document

4.3.2. Functionality Trigger SFXs Create easy SFX implementation tool

4.4. Music

4.4.1. Assets Looping music track #1

4.4.2. Functionality Trigger music Stop music

4.5. Steam Integration

4.5.1. Big Picture Mode

4.5.2. Controller support

4.5.3. Steam Achievements

4.6. Beautification of the Game

4.6.1. "Post-processing to make the game as pretty as Unreal"

4.7. Customisable Keyboard mapping

5. Characters and Story

5.1. NPCs

5.1.1. Assets NPC Models NPC Animations NPC voice acting?

5.1.2. Functionality AI / movement / pathfinding NPC Stats? Quest event triggers Quest event progress tracking Quest completion feedback Dialogue

5.2. Character Dialogue

5.2.1. Assets User Interface / display for dialogue

5.2.2. Functionality Editor / implementation system for dialogue Editor / implementation system for triggering dialogue Dialogue choices for players Specific outcomes from dialogue Inventory item is given or taken Gold is given or taken XP is given or taken Quest is updated

5.3. Non-Interactive moments

5.4. Quest System

6. World Creation

6.1. Level Creation

6.1.1. Assets Environment models for world Props Visual effects

6.1.2. Functionality Level Editor Placing Enemies Placing world pieces Placing events and triggers Placing loot Placing hazards Placing collision / boundaries Spawning Events Level Loading Doors Locks Level Streaming Locked and unlocked regions

6.2. Game Progression

6.3. World Overview Map

6.3.1. Assets World map (2D most likely)

6.3.2. Functionality Movement on world map Fast travel Enemy encounters? Locations to enter

7. Inventory

7.1. Inventory System

7.1.1. Weapons

7.1.2. Armour

7.1.3. Potions

7.1.4. Modifiers

7.2. Pickups / Loot items

7.3. Store / Shop

8. Customisation

8.1. Character Selection and Customisation

8.1.1. Different characters

8.1.2. Point distribution

9. Stretch Features

9.1. Crafting System

9.2. Resource Gathering

9.3. Companion Characters

9.3.1. Said that we don't do on Kickstarter

9.4. Easter Eggs

9.4.1. This was listed on the Kickstarter "Included" list but may be more of a level design sub-point than a feature

10. Combat

10.1. Character Stats

10.1.1. Functionality Strength Modifies melee damage Constitution Modifies Health Dexterity Modifies ranged attack Modifies dodge Intelligence Modifies spell power Charisma Modifies NPC dialogue options Modifies shop prices Health / HPs Current health Max health Energy / Fatigue Current Energy Max Energy Experience points Current XP Current level XP / Level progression Special abilities linked to stats eg. Strength = weapons used; amour worn Player fame Modifies NPC reactions Gold / money Current amount of gold / money the character has

10.2. Character Progression / Leveling up

10.2.1. Functionality Character gains experiences points Killing enemies Completing quests Discovering new areas Experience points linked to leveling up Killing a specific enemy provides specific amount of XP to player. When leveling up, player can spend points on character attributes Using weapons (inflicting damage on enemies) increases attribute score for that weapon class.

10.3. Enemies

10.3.1. Enemy Special Attacks