Working Title

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Working Title by Mind Map: Working Title

1. We decided to use the name 'Keystroke Productions'to give an alternative approach to all the films that it will produce. It was meant to be a message that the production can open up to anything.

2. From researching films, that are associated with independent film companies like Working Title, we have found out that they have been very successful. Such films are films like 'The Kings Speech'. Although this isn't a thriller film, it doesn't quite fit in to the category of Romantic Comedies, such as Love Actually. Also films like 'This is England' which also wouldn't fit traditional was very successful and both films won many awards, including the Oscars. This is one of the reasons we have chosen Working Title as we think our film will be a pleasant surprise for the audience as it is so different to a stereotypical romantic comedy produced by Working Title.

3. Why we chose Working Title

3.1. We thought Working Title would be a good production company as we first wanted an independent film company so we would be able to have more control over the film

3.2. Working TItle also has good financial backing for a independent film, which would enable us to make a better and more professional product.

3.3. We also thought, it would help Working Title as they are normally know for Romantic Comedies. We thought by doing a thriller with Working Title, the audience would be more intrigued to see what the thriller would be like, giving us a bigger audience.

4. Keystroke Productions

5. The names are in a traditional order, we placed them in their places to give a significant approach. For example, when the actors name ‘Phil Hutt’ appears on the screen it is when he is climbing up the steps. This is meant to be symbolic as him going up the steps is secretly meant to symbolise his power, which is relevant to his power during the course of the rest of the film.