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Risk Planning Script by Mind Map: Risk Planning Script
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Risk Planning Script


To assess risks and create a risk plan.


The risk planning meeting happens in three parts: a brainstorming session to identify risks; a discussion where the probability and impact of each risk is estimated; and a discussion to identify actions that can mitigate risks. The end result is a risk management plan, which should be included verbatim in the final project plan.

Work Products

Input Any project documentation that has been developed so far Output Risk plan Assumptions generated by the Delphi process Assumptions in the vision and scope document

Entry Criteria

The project manager has gathered the project team for a two-hour meeting to assess the project’s risks

Basic Course of Events

Brainstorm potential risks. The project manager leads a brainstorming session to identify risks. Team members suggest every risk they can think of; the project manager writes the risks on a whiteboard as they come up. Brainstorming should be reminiscent of microwave popcorn: a few ideas should “pop” at first, followed by a large number being fired rapidly, slowing down to a final few “pops”. The team will generally be able to judge when the risk identification is over. Estimate the impact of each risk. The team assigns a number from 1 (highly unlikely) to 5 (very likely to occur) to represent the estimated probability of each risk. Similarly, impact should be estimated by assigning a number from 1 (for a risk with low impact) to 5 (for a risk which, if it occurs, will require an enormous effort to clean up). Build the risk plan. The team identifies actions to be taken to mitigate high-priority risks and creates a risk plan that documents these actions.

Exit Criteria

The risk plan is finished.