The Nowhere Nebula

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The Nowhere Nebula by Mind Map: The Nowhere Nebula

1. Locations

1.1. Story base: Malta

2. Characters

2.1. Leonard Santo Dacosta

2.1.1. Role: Main character

2.1.2. Age: 28

2.1.3. Torments: Lonely Angry at his condition Persecuted by the 'struggle'

2.1.4. Strengths Altruist Empath Sensitive

2.1.5. Weaknesses

2.1.6. Nationality: Maltese

2.2. Fr. Rocco Pasquillano

2.2.1. Role: Leonard's confidant

2.2.2. Age: 56

2.2.3. Torments: Abused as a child Nobody believed his story Believes there is no hope for humanity

2.2.4. Strengths Trustworthy Honest at all costs Relentless when motivated

2.2.5. Weaknesses Doubts everyone Short tempered Alcoholic in denial

2.2.6. Nationality: Maltese, Spanish father