Functional Tools of Learning Environment

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Functional Tools of Learning Environment by Mind Map: Functional Tools of Learning Environment

1. Priority Matrix

1.1. Matrix of urgent and important in a simple to do list.

2. Organization

2.1. Wunderlist

2.1.1. Cross platform task manager.

2.2. Symbaloo

2.2.1. Organize favorite websites into one clickable dashboard.

2.3. Evernote

2.3.1. Make new text and audio notes.

2.4. Flipboard

2.4.1. Flip through saved readers, magazines, and social networks in magazine format.

3. Parental Involvement/Social Network

3.1. Facebook

3.1.1. Social networking, parent involvement, advertisements.

3.2. Twitter

3.2.1. Social networking.

3.3. Google Classroom

3.3.1. Distribute assignments, stay organized, communicate.

3.4. Class Dojo

3.4.1. Encourage student skills, parent involvement.

3.5. Edmodo

3.5.1. Share assignments, events, set up reminders.

4. Creation/Engagement

4.1. Watch Know Learn

4.1.1. Extensive directory of educational videos.

4.2. Nearpod

4.2.1. Interactive presentations, and share content.

4.3. ShowMe

4.3.1. Create video tutorials.

4.4. Youtube

4.4.1. Upload video tutorials or exemplars.

4.5. Hudl

4.5.1. Upload videos, share content.

5. Reading/Writing


5.1.1. Reads any word, show the origin, find synonyms.

5.2. Documents To Go

5.2.1. View edit and create microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint files .

5.3. Word Mover

5.3.1. Create poetry by choosing from word banks or adding new words.

5.4. Write About This Free

5.4.1. Writing prompt and creation platform.

5.5. Hideout: Early Reading

5.5.1. Teaches how to read, activities that emphasize letter sound association and word repetition.