The perks of being a wallflower

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The perks of being a wallflower by Mind Map: The perks of being a wallflower

1. 1991/92

2. Metaphor

2.1. Charlie=wallflower

3. Past interwoven

3.1. Sucide of Michael

3.2. Aunt Helen

4. Setting

4.1. Time

4.1.1. present, past

4.1.2. Sex Charlie experience negative aspects of human sexuality

4.2. Place

4.2.1. High School lots of different people Charlie likes writing and reading

5. Themes

5.1. Friendship

5.1.1. Friends help Charlie to get out of his depression

5.2. Drugs and Alcohol

5.2.1. Charlie doesn't refuse them

5.3. Puberty

5.4. Passivity

5.4.1. overcome the syness

5.5. Depression

5.5.1. Sucide

5.6. Family

5.7. Literature and Writing

5.7.1. Charlie is obsessed withreading and writing

5.8. Love

5.8.1. Between family, crush, friend

6. Plot

6.1. Structure

6.1.1. Charlie has to deal with sucide of friend Michael. anxious and fear of being alone on first school day

6.1.2. Find first friend Bill Partick

6.1.3. First date First kiss, drugs, alcohl, sex

6.1.4. Falls into a depression Hospitalized

6.1.5. Last lettre Feelings and hope, postive attitude for what's the futhure

6.2. incidents

6.3. Flashback

7. Character

7.1. dynamic

7.1.1. protagonist Charlie calm caring considerate humble shy,timid pseudonyming truthful absent-minded Sam genuine mature kind, supportive Patrick partying gay Mary Elizabeth communicative overwhelming

7.2. Static

7.2.1. Bill passionate english teacher of Charlie Supportive

7.2.2. Aunt Helen deeply affect by a past drame Molest by a friend of the family generous

7.2.3. Charlie's sister low self- esteem

7.2.4. Charlie's mother sensitive

7.2.5. Charlie's brother supports the family in college

7.2.6. Bob Drug dealing friend of Charlie

7.2.7. Michael Dobson commit sucide

7.2.8. Craig Sam's boyfriend male model artist

7.3. Presentation

7.3.1. expilcit, direct By describtions/tellings in his letters New node

7.4. Charlie's dad

7.4.1. caring to the mother

7.4.2. sometimes cold

7.5. Conflicts

7.5.1. Tunnel Passage

7.5.2. Charlie has to deal with his one life Drugs Friends Sexuality Relatioship

8. Point of view

8.1. First-person narrator

8.1.1. limited, subjective

8.1.2. intimate look into his life through his letters

9. Style

9.1. Title

9.1.1. Charlie and his quietness

9.2. good style

9.2.1. easy to read

9.2.2. Exciting, interessting

9.2.3. plain

10. Imagery

10.1. Symbolism

10.1.1. Dancing Happiness