What is Design?

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What is Design? by Mind Map: What is Design?

1. 1. How can you shape your ideas so it fits the target audience? (Grant Pignato + Jose Cantanhede present)

1.1. Make it simplistic

1.1.1. Focus on simplicity and intuitive design so that users of all ages and preferences can adapt easily.

1.2. Appeal to instant gratification

1.2.1. In this age of consumerism, people of all ages want to have the option to have what they want as quick as possible, so things have to be reliably fast, capable and at the least on par with any other product in the same price range.

1.3. Consumer reviews of similar projects

1.3.1. Research products on both sides of the spectrum and figure out why they are placed there while using consumer feed back to learn lessons from the experience of other companies.

1.4. Create a product that is socially penetrable

1.4.1. Create things that are easily adapted into peoples lifestyles

2. 2. What are the phases of a project? (Kevin Gardner presents)

2.1. Idea

2.1.1. Initial thought for a product or service

2.2. Concept

2.2.1. A in detail explanation of your product or service

2.3. Rough draft

2.3.1. Beginning stages of building a product or service

2.4. Beta

2.4.1. A rough working version of a product or service

2.5. Alpha

2.5.1. A polished version of the product or service

2.6. Minimum Market Prototype

2.6.1. A bare bones market ready proposal used to test market penetration

2.7. Final Design

2.7.1. The full market ready version of a product or service

3. 4. What projects show you what to stay away from? (Jacob Dukesherer presents)

3.1. Google Glass

3.2. Zune

3.3. Myspace

3.4. Products that quickly become obsolete

3.4.1. Various products have failed due to not keeping up with the times, or are socially/culturally invasive, or just couldn't/didn't promote enough for it to go viral.

4. 3. What are good design products? (Shaimoom Islam + Isaac Bonilla present)

4.1. Apple

4.1.1. Steve Jobs believed his products should be operable with just three buttons. This exemplifies simplicity, design and user friendliness.

4.2. Samsung

4.2.1. Technologically advanced compared to their competition and offers more in depth UI with freedom to customize.

4.3. Apps that incorporate seamlessness

4.3.1. Social media apps and apps that help with everyday things such as banking, food delivery and car service can easily become part of ones life.

4.4. Best selling games. (GTA, CoD)

4.4.1. Games that please as much of the population as possible. They incorporate good graphics and story line rather than just one without the other.

4.5. All time Box Office Record Movies

4.5.1. Movies that lived up to their hype and delivered well as far as story, script, acting as well as being well directed.