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History by Mind Map: History

1. Mr Nebel

1.1. Books:

1.1.1. World History

1.2. Projects:

1.2.1. Islamic Research Presentation Sudan

1.2.2. Ancient African Kingdoms/Empires Songhai

1.3. Work sheets

1.3.1. The Muslim World (Chapter 11) Guided reading and review Rise of Islam Islam Spreads Golden age of Muslim Civilization Muslims in India The ottoman and Safavid Critical Thinking Activities Account by M.Kazim and F.Bernier Babur's Army Crosses the Mountains New node

1.3.2. Kingdoms and Trading State of Africa Guide reading and review Early civilizations of Africa Kingdoms of West Africa Trade Routes of East Africa Many Peoples, Many Traditions Critical Thinking Activities Ibn Battuta Swahili Cities of East Africa Who Built Great Zimbabwe?

1.3.3. The Renaissance Guide reading and review The Renaissance in Italy The Renaissance Moves North Critical Thinking Activities Isabella d'Este

1.4. Important tests:

1.4.1. The Muslim World (622-1629)