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Grade 9 by Mind Map: Grade 9
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Grade 9


Ms Park

Games, Chicken

Projects, Fitness booklet

Sports:, Swim, Hockey

Math Grade 9


Projects, Statistics Hockey player

themes, Exponents, Exponents laws, Negative and Zero exponents, Scientifc notation, Exponential Functions, Polynomials and Factoring, Adding and Subtracting Polynomials, Modeling Polynomial Multiplication, Multiplying binomials, Polynomial Functions, Common Factors, Factoring Special and Quadratic Trinomials, Solving Equations by Factoring, Inverse variation, Inverse Variation, Rational Expressions and Funtions, Statistics, Measures of Central Tendecy, Graphing Data, Bar Graph, Line Graph, Circle Graph, Other Data Displays, Stem and Leaf plot, Histograms, Box and Whisker Plot, Probability

Important tests:, Exponents and Factorizing Test, Statistics Test, Probability Test



Guitar, E, Am, D, G, C, Individual Fingers

Drum, Ta, Ti-ti, ti-ka-ti-ka, ti ti-ka, ti-ka ti, Sa, Si, Improvize, A


Bobby McFerrin

Español/ Spanish

Ms Cabrera

Movies, La Bamba, Selena

Themes, EL Futuro, Ways tu Travel, Verbs:, Ver, Oir, Ir, More or Less, Most and Least, Good, Better and Best



MR Najbor, Themes, Classification of Matter, Labs, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Lab, Activities, Composition of Matter Worksheet, Properties of Matter Worksheet, Chapter 15 review-page 470-471, Properties of Atoms and the Periodic Table, Activities, Structure of the Atom Worksheet, Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams Worksheet, Subatomic Particles Worksheet, Electron-Dot Diagrams Worksheet, New node, Elements and Their Properties, Activities, Elements and Their Properties Worksheet, Diamond and Graphite Worksheet, Chemical Bonds, Activities, Ionic Bonding Worksheet, Ionic Compounds Worksheet, Ionic Charges and Chemical Families Worksheet, Counting Atoms Worksheet, Polyatomic Compounds Worksheet, Molecular Compounds Worksheet, Books, Physical Science, Important test:, Matter Classification Test, Chapter 17 Test, Elements and Their Properties

Integrated Science I

Ms Armond, Book, Themes, Introduction to Animals, Worksheets, Introduction to Animals Vocabulary words, Action Verbs, Prefix-Suffix, Symmetry, Cell Differentiation in Animal Development, Activities, Outline Chapter 12, Sponges, Cnidarians and Ctenophores, Worksheets, Sponges body parts, Hydra Anatomy, Cnidarian Life Cycle, Unsegmented Worms, Segmented Worms, Worksheets, Vocabulary words, Internal Anatomy of an Earthworm, Lab, Earthworm Dissection, Mollusks, Worksheets, Clam Anatomy, Squid Anatomy, Lab, Clam Dissection, Insects, Worksheets, Grasshopper and Crayfish, Echinoderms


Mr Nebel

Books:, World History

Projects:, Islamic Research Presentation, Sudan, Ancient African Kingdoms/Empires, Songhai

Work sheets, The Muslim World (Chapter 11), Guided reading and review, Rise of Islam, Islam Spreads, Golden age of Muslim Civilization, Muslims in India, The ottoman and Safavid, Critical Thinking Activities, Account by M.Kazim and F.Bernier, Babur's Army Crosses the Mountains, New node, Kingdoms and Trading State of Africa, Guide reading and review, Early civilizations of Africa, Kingdoms of West Africa, Trade Routes of East Africa, Many Peoples, Many Traditions, Critical Thinking Activities, Ibn Battuta, Swahili Cities of East Africa, Who Built Great Zimbabwe?, The Renaissance, Guide reading and review, The Renaissance in Italy, The Renaissance Moves North, Critical Thinking Activities, Isabella d'Este

Important tests:, The Muslim World (622-1629)



A Separate Peace

Romeo and Juliet


A Separate Peace, Diction

Romeo and Juliet, Oximoron, Simile and Metaphot, Hyperbole


Finny's point of view

Gene is Finny's puppet

How does Gene react to brinker and the other boys questionin him about the accident?

Discution points

Why did Gene not want to hear Leper's story?

Important Test

Test "A Separate Peace