Introduction Of Internet Technology

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Introduction Of Internet Technology by Mind Map: Introduction Of  Internet Technology

1. Application Of Information Technology

2. Explain Information Technology

3. Computerize the business process can increases the productivity.

4. Categories of Computer

5. Globalization

6. More Convenient To Shop

7. Cost Effective

8. Creation Of New Jobs

9. Information Technology has brought down barriers of linguistic and geographic boundaries by sharing ideas and information online.

10. Can do online shopping at anytime and anywhere by using business websites such as Lazada, Zalora, Amazon and etc.

11. Unemployment

12. Privacy

13. Cyber sickness

14. Dominant culture

15. Some of the jobs can be done by the machine thus making more people to become unemployed.

16. Account information stored online are vulnerable to hackers and might be exposed to the public without our knowledge.

17. Irresponsible people might use our personal information online for their own needs

18. With the increased addiction to social networks and internet games, people are spending more time on computers and give up on their normal offline life

19. This has resulted into relation breakups and increases loneliness

20. Social media and network influence the teenagers on how they act, dress and behave

21. One culture will dominate another weaker one

22. Education

23. Educators and teaching institutions use technology to assist with education

24. Learning Management System

25. a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology ( also called e-learning ) education courses or training program

26. Computer Based Training (CBT)

27. CBT is especially effective for training people to use computer applications because the CBT program can be integrated with the applications so that students can practice using the application as they learn

28. Finance

29. Many people and companies use computers to help manage their finances

30. Online Banking

31. Users access account balances, pay bills, and copy monthly transactions from the bank’s computer right into their computers such as by using Maybank2u, Cimbclicks

32. Online Investing/ Finance Investment System

33. Investor often use online investing to buy and sell stocks and bonds without using a broker

34. Government

35. Most government offices have Websites to provide citizens with up-to-date information.

36. JobsMalaysia

37. Website that advertise seekers and also used by the employers to offer jobs

38. e-Filing

39. Website that offers employees to pay their income tax online

40. Health Care

41. The medical staffs around us are using computers for various purposes

42. Medline

43. Many Web sites provide up-to-date medical, fitness, nutrition or exercise information

44. Patient Registration System

45. Science

46. All branches of science use computers to assist with collecting, analyzing, and modeling data

47. Hawk-Eye Officiating System

48. a complex computer system used officially in numerous sports such as cricket, tennis, Gaelic football, hurling and association football, to visually track the trajectory of the ball and display a record of its statistically most likely path as a moving image

49. Simulation

50. Is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time

51. Publishing

52. Many publishers of books, magazines, newspapers, music, film and video make their work available online

53. Online newspaper

54. Online magazines

55. Travel

56. We can reserve car, hotel and flight by using websites

57. Flight reservation system

58. People can book flight ticket on the Web (online).

59. Hotel reservation system

60. People can book hotel on the Web (online)

61. Manufacturing

62. The use of computer to assist with manufacturing processes.

63. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

64. The use of computer to assist with manufacturing processes such as fabrication and assembly

65. Computer Aided Design ( CAD )

66. the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design

67. Supercomputers

68. The fastest, most powerful and most expensive computer that is capable of processing many trillions of instructions in a single second

69. Large-scale simulations and applications in medicine

70. Automotive design

71. Weather forecasting

72. Nuclear energy research

73. Mainframe

74. A large, expensive, powerful computer that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously

75. Personal Computer

76. Is a computer that can perform all of its input, processing, output, and storage activities by itself

77. Is a personal computer designed to be in a stationary location, where all of its components fit on or under a desk or table

78. A portable, personal computer often designed to fit on your lap

79. Desktop

80. Notebook

81. Embedded computers

82. An embedded computer is a special-purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product

83. Mobile computer and device

84. Mobile Computer

85. Is a portable personal computer, designed so that a user easily can carry it from place to place

86. Mobile Device

87. Computing device small enough for a user to hold in his or her hand

88. laptop/notebook

89. tablet

90. smartphone

91. digital camera

92. A portable, personal computer often designed to fit on your lap

93. A thin, lighter-weight mobile computer that has a touch screen

94. Is an Internet-capable phone that usually also includes a calendar, an address book, a calculator, a notepad, games, browser, and numerous other apps

95. Is a mobile device that allows users to take photos and store the photographed images digitally

96. handheld computer

97. A computer small enough to fit in one hand.

98. digital media player

99. portable media player

100. e-book reader

101. wearable device

102. Is a device, typically used in a home, that streams digital media from a computer or network to a television, projector, or some other entertainment device

103. Is a mobile device on which you can store, organize, and play or view digital media

104. Or e-reader, is a mobile device that is used primarily for reading e-books and other digital publications

105. Is designed to be worn by a consumer

106. hospital

107. universities

108. large business

109. bank or insurances company

110. air conditioner

111. dvd player

112. digital camera

113. atm machine

114. Capable of great processing speeds and data storage

115. Enterprises are able to bill millions of customers, prepare payroll for thousands of employees, and manage thousands of items in inventory

116. Applications requiring complex, sophisticated mathematical calculations use supercomputers

117. it have a very high memory that can store almost a hundred over thousand Gigabytes data

118. it have high memory that can store a few hundred Gigabytes data.

119. it can store at least a few GigaBytes data

120. it have less memory compared to personal computer

121. it have less memory compared to mobile computer&devices