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English for Public Finance by Mind Map: English for Public Finance
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English for Public Finance


Economic Basis for Government Activity

Public Revenues

Public Expenditures

Public Budgeting

Financial Reporting & Audit

Financial Intelligence




Testing Methods, Presentations, Discussions, Data Report, Tests


Final Exam, Writing (Draft Bachelor Thesis), Presentation of the Academic Project

External (international certificates)


Academic Listening (AL)


News Reports




Academic Writing (AW)

1. The Stages of Writing a Project

2. Finding Information

3. Structuring Your Project

4. Writing in an Academic Style

5. Referencing Sources

6. Writing Introductions & Conclusions

Writing Data Reports (DR), 1. Structuring a Data Report. Selecting & Organizing Information. Introductory & Summarising Statements., 2. Describing Trends & Proportions, 3. Comparing & Contrasting, 4. Evaluating Data, 5. Making Predictions

Academic Reading (AR)

Academic Speaking (AS)

Academic & Professional Presentations, 1.Finding Information, 2. Structuring Your Presentation, 3. Designing Visual Aids, 4. Dealing with Questions, 5. Giving Opinions, 6. Agreeing & Disagreeing

Panel Discussions, 1. Making Presentations, 2. Presenting an Argument, 3. Giving Opinions, 4. Agreeing & Disagreeing, 5. Clarifying, 5. Making Proposals & Recommendations, 6. Persuading, 7. Degrees of Importance & Certainty

Case Studies, Academic Reading, Academic Speaking

Course Objectives

to increase students' mastery of English vocabulary from the technical and scientific domains

to improve presentation and discussion skills for academic and professional purposes

to develop strategies for reading academic texts

to develop academic writing skills

to develop listening skills

to develop the 21st Century Skills (critical thinking & problem-solving, communication & collaboration, information and media literacy)


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