How To Filter RSS Feeds

All of the tool and services to filter RSS feeds

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How To Filter RSS Feeds by Mind Map: How To Filter RSS Feeds

1. FeedRinse

2. CaRP Evolution

3. Yahoo Pipes

4. PostRank

5. BlastaCasta

6. AideRSS

6.1. not a precise filter, like FeedRinse, but instead filters posts using social interactions to determine what the crowd has deemed a blog’s best content

6.2. One of the great things about AideRSS, is that its underlying filtering algorithm has been released as a standalone API, meaning that enterprising developers can add social RSS feed filtering to their apps easily

7. OnePipe

8. RSSFilter

9. FeedZero

10. FeedScrub

10.1. Feedscrub filters your feeds based on your preferences. Subscribe to all your favorite feeds, then tell Feedscrub which posts you do and don't like. Feedscrub will learn your preferences and begin filtering out posts that don't interest you.

11. FilterMyFeed

12. FeedSifter

12.1. super-simple filtering

13. Bayesian Feed Filter

14. Syndicate Press

14.1. Wordpress plugin


16. Blogsieve