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My Life by Mind Map: My Life

1. Favorite Books and Movies

1.1. Water for Elephant (book)

1.1.1. Time Traveler's Wife (book) Dear John (book)

1.2. The Notebook (movie)

1.2.1. The Wedding Singer (movie) Get Him to the Greek

2. Goals

2.1. Finish College (IUPUI)

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Get married in 5 years

2.3. Continue Volunteering for HOST

2.4. Get a new car!

2.5. Move out of parents house

3. Family

3.1. Shauna (mom)

3.1.1. James(dad) Kelsey(sister) Sean (3 year old brother)

3.2. Angie(step mom)

3.2.1. Doug (step dad) Lucas( step brother) Mia (cat)

4. Career

4.1. Elementary Education Future Teacher

4.2. Currently a Shift Manager at Arbys