Mission of God

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Mission of God by Mind Map: Mission of God

1. 8.17

1.1. Mission Impo-verished

1.1.1. Jas 2:2-5

1.1.2. Lk 4:18-19

1.1.3. Is 10:1-3

1.1.4. Pro 22:22

1.1.5. Ps 82:3-4

1.1.6. I Jn 3:17-18

1.2. God Prioritizes the Poor

1.2.1. Intro There is tragedy There is oppression More about justice, not mervey God could have chosen any, but chooses Israel

1.2.2. Not exclusively, but definitely Why? Dignity Display How? Not! We are to see ourselves as the poor!

2. 8.3

2.1. The God of All Comfort

2.1.1. 2 Cor 1:1-11

2.2. Tell the truth concerning suffering

2.2.1. It is not good It is not right Paul said that they despaired of life itself God did not make us to be like this It takes you out of alignment, mentally

2.2.2. The irony of God is good Praise be to God Grace, peace, mercy, comfort "When sin and destruction entered into this world, God's hands were not filthy"

2.3. We are to enter in

2.3.1. Look to Jesus as #1 example To the poor and disinfranchised To the sick and forgotten To all who were all the above, whether they realized it or not

2.3.2. Get in situations & life Showing up Asking questions Show them life Touch Listen Pray

2.4. Share in comfort

2.4.1. Jesus is already at work

2.4.2. The cycle of hope

2.4.3. He is the God of all comfort