brandon clark's vocab project

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brandon clark's vocab project by Mind Map: brandon clark's vocab project

1. 1)organism

1.1. Definition:

2. 2)population

2.1. Definition:

3. 3)community

3.1. definition:

4. 4) ecosystem

4.1. definition:

5. 5)Biome

5.1. definition(D):

6. 6)biosphere

6.1. D

7. 7)foodchain

7.1. D

8. 8)food web

8.1. D

9. 9)producer

9.1. D

10. 10)primary consumer

11. 11)Secondary consumer

11.1. D

12. 12)Tertiary consumer

12.1. D


13. 13)trophic levels

13.1. D

14. 14) Rain-forest

14.1. -self EXPLANATORY-

15. 15)temperate deciduous forest

15.1. D

16. 16)coniferous forest

16.1. D

17. 17)desert

17.1. D

18. 18)Tundra

19. 19) Grassland Savannah

20. 20)freshwater biome

21. 21)marine biome

21.1. D

22. 22)biotic factors


22.1.1. D

23. 23)Abiotic factors

23.1. nonliving components interacting. that affect living things: like the sun heating the temperature of water making it a good environment for fish, biotic factors, to live.

24. 24)biodiversity

24.1. Is the measure of diversity in a specific region,ecosystem, and bioem.

25. 25) hot spots

26. 26)ecological succession

26.1. "the process of change in an ecosystem brought about by the replacement of one community by another until a stable climax is established"

27. 27)primary succession

27.1. the process of succession with topsoil usually starting on rock.

28. 28)Secondary succession

28.1. The process of succession were a ecosystem or natural place has been destroyed and is rebuilding it self.

29. 29)pioneer species

29.1. The first set of species in succession usually replaced by the climax species if not destroyed or habitat entirely changes.

30. 30)climax community

30.1. the last set of species in succession that are stable in population and resources from the new habitat

31. 31)limiting factors

31.1. factors that limit population size

32. 32)carrying capacity

32.1. the maxim number of species that can be supported by its environment.

33. 33)population growth

33.1. the rate at which a population grows by over time.

34. 34)black plague

34.1. a period in time where 1/3 of Europes population decreased in time

35. 35)industrial revolution

35.1. the advancement in new technologies/medicine/transportation/factories enabled us to grow increasingly in population by the millions.

36. 36)exponential groth

36.1. the more there is of something the faster it grows/ for example humans or fish

37. 35)sustainability

37.1. to sustain a healthy diversity and continue to produce resources needed to maintain a healthy environment.

38. 36)logistic growth

39. 37)J-curve

40. 38)S-curve

41. 39)population growth rate

42. 40)aquifer

42.1. An underground layer of rock, sediment (usually sand or gravel), or soil that has water

43. 41)water pollution

43.1. dirty water in river or lakes or oceans

44. 42)point sorce

44.1. water pollution that has a specific source such as a factorie leak.

45. 43)non point sorce

45.1. water pollution that dose not have a source usually from fertilizer or runoff into lakes and rivers.

46. New node