give all teachers what they need to excel

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give all teachers what they need to excel by Mind Map: give all teachers what they need to excel

1. goals

1.1. create professional development for all teachers needs

1.2. create professional development that is easily accessible

1.3. be the known and desired source for professional development mainly in Arizona but nationally as a long-term goal

1.4. create professional development in a way that has not yet been done

1.5. create an extensive series of modules by 2014

1.6. create a business/pay-for-service model for the professional development

1.7. all modules and seminars have a mentoring/coaching component to ensure succes

2. measurable outcomes

2.1. focus groups to gain feedback

2.2. databased feedback and statistics from each module (face-to-face or online delivered)

2.2.1. New node

2.3. module development numbers

2.4. statistics on the numbers and demographics of who we are reaching

2.5. feedback from teachers and leaders showing that the professional development modules are helpful, accessible, timely, and proving evidence of success

2.6. ultimate goal with the BEST Academy: measurable outcomes in leadership excellence, teacher quality, student achievement

3. marketing

3.1. word of mouth

3.2. emails

3.3. brochures

3.4. access of Academy to grant and non-grant BEST partners in order to spread the word to others not involved with BEST

4. target audience

4.1. teachers

4.1.1. Arizona

4.1.2. nationally

4.2. leaders

4.2.1. Arizona

4.2.2. nationally

5. Program Evaluation

5.1. bi-yearly panels of teachers and student to evaluate effectiveness of the professional development

5.2. data and feedback from every module session taken/devliver

5.2.1. compile and analyze data for necessary adjustments in program

6. projections

6.1. 20 modules by 2011

6.2. 40 modules by 2012

6.3. 60 modules by 2013

6.4. 100 modules by 2014

6.5. continued growth and re-vamping of existing modules after 2014

7. finances

7.1. starting budget for development

7.2. create a pay-for-service model that makes the BEST Academy self-sustaining by 2014

7.3. incorporate a pay for service model into professional development in the furture

7.4. determine other methods to pay teachers more

7.5. small grants through BEST to support teachers physical needs, ex: supplies, help grading, classroom decorations, etc

8. "BEST Academy"

9. expading my ideas with a business model approach

9.1. customer segments

9.1.1. k-12 teachers

9.1.2. k-12 administrators

9.2. distribution channels

9.2.1. web

9.2.2. word of mouth

9.2.3. partner districts

9.2.4. brochures

9.2.5. advertising commercials school newspapers and newsletters

9.3. customer relationships

9.3.1. grant partners Chinle Ganado Window Rock Cedar Gadsden Sunnyside Douglas San Carlos Murphy Mesa Osborn Roosvelt Glendale UPSI

9.3.2. paid partners Avondale Scottsdale Lake Havasu Apache Junction JO Combs

9.4. offer

9.4.1. professional development

9.4.2. resources

9.4.3. activities

9.4.4. colleagues collaboration

9.4.5. support for fostering student achievement

9.4.6. application focus

9.5. venue streams

9.5.1. determine pay scale:

9.5.2. what will people individually pay? 1 hour? 3 hours? 9 hours? 15 hours?

9.5.3. what will districts be charged for large access? whole district support?

9.6. key resources

9.6.1. web

9.6.2. developers

9.6.3. content experts

9.6.4. branding

9.7. key activities

9.7.1. content experts

9.7.2. develop modules and face-to-face seminars

9.7.3. add extensive amount of resources and activities

9.7.4. marketing

9.8. partner networks

9.8.1. school districts superintendent professional development directors individual teachers

9.8.2. ASU and other colleges

9.9. cost structure

9.9.1. build a detailed plan for cost structure of developing, current staff, maintaining, marketing, and hiring