Development stages in middle adolescence and late adolescence

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Development stages in middle adolescence and late adolescence by Mind Map: Development stages in middle adolescence and late adolescence

1. identity

1.1. a self-belief of what the individual thinks and feels about himself

2. Role Confusion

2.1. the negotion of self-identity,in a sense that there is confusion over one's self-concept.

3. adolescence

3.1. early adolescence

3.1.1. ages around 10 to 13

3.2. middle adolescence

3.2.1. ages around 14 to 16

3.3. late adolescence

3.3.1. ages from 17 to 20

4. Erik Erikson

4.1. Eight stages of Personality Development

4.1.1. infancy trust vs.mistrust

4.1.2. early childhood autonomy vs. shame and doubt

4.1.3. late childhood initiative vs.guilt

4.1.4. school age industry vs.inferiority

4.1.5. adolescence identity vs.role confusion

4.1.6. young adulthood intimacy vs. isolation

4.1.7. adulthood generativity vs. stagnation

4.1.8. maturity integrity vs. despair

5. Skills and tasks appropriate for Middle and late adolescence

5.1. adjust to sexually maturing bodies and feelings

5.2. develop and apply abstract thinking skills

5.3. develop and apply a new perspective on human relationships

5.4. develop and apply new coping skills in areas such as decision-making,problem solving,and conflict resolution

5.5. identify meaningful moral standards,values,and belief systems

5.6. understand and express more complex emotional experiences

5.7. Form friendships that are mutually close and supportive

5.8. establish key aspects of identity

5.9. meet the demands of increasingly mature roles and responsibilities

5.10. Renegotiate relationships with adults in parenting roles