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Skit by Mind Map: Skit

1. Demonsrate use of good English

1.1. Students get to learn proper use of grammar.

1.1.1. Because of "Singlish",students have not been using proper grammar. E.g Off the light/fan Correct way:Switch off the light/fan I go bus-stop wait for you. Correct way:I will be at the bus-stop waiting for you Thus,after seeing the skit they can learn the proper usage of grammar.

1.2. They can see common mistakes that they make.

1.2.1. Because of "Singlish" again,students have been using misspelled words or pronouncing things in the wrong way. E.g Please be sitted Correct way:Please be seated Pronouncing things like their or entrepreneur wrongly. Hence,they can learn to avoid doing or using the common mistakes that people usually make.

1.3. improve essays

1.3.1. grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures are used accurately

2. It will be fun and interesting.

2.1. The groups are able to show off their creativity

2.1.1. They can think of any skit they want to do so that it would be interesting for them and for the rest of the class E.g their skit can be from the caveman period to anytime in the future which gives them unlimited possibilities to be creative. Therefore,the groups are able to be creative because they have an endless amount of possibilities to do their skit on.

2.2. Students can get to enjoy each other's skit.

2.2.1. Because of all the choices the other groups can make,students would never know what to expect from another group and some may be humorous so it would be interesting and fun to watch their skit E.g one of the skit can be about a grandmother learning proper English from her grandchild and another about a Singaporean talking to someone from America. Therefore, the students are able to enjoy the different skits performed by their own friends.

3. Encouraging teamwork

3.1. Students can learn to work together.

3.1.1. Because a skit needs alot of teamwork,they can increase their ability to work with others if they do the skit. For e.g,knowing when your turn to do something in the skit is essential as the skit would seem unprofessional if u nudge other people on stage to do their part in the skit. Therefore,they can increase their ability to work with each other after doing the skit.

3.2. In the future when they have group work,they can work more efficiently.

3.2.1. After learning how to work together,in the future they can work faster and more efficiently in any group for any subjects E.g In Literature,alot of acting needs to be done and it requires alot of team work so if students can work together,the acting can be done alot more smoothly. Thus,their ability to work together would affect their future groupwork for any other subject.