Development of education system in Malaysia from British colonial time to now.

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Development of education system in Malaysia from British colonial time to now. by Mind Map: Development of education system in Malaysia from British colonial time to now.

1. Tamil Schools

1.1. Tamils were the biggest group of Indian migrants to Malaya at that time.

1.2. Forced the plantation owners to set up Tamil schools for their worker's children

1.3. Examples of Schools

1.3.1. Tamil School in Penang (1816)

1.3.2. Anglo-Tamil School in Malacca (1850)

1.3.3. St. Xavier Malabar School in Singapore (1859)

2. English Schools

2.1. Known as mission schools.

2.1.1. Founded and managed by Christian missionaries like the Anglicans, Roman Catholics and Methodists.

2.1.2. Founded in the Straits Settlements and the Malay Federated States.

2.1.3. Most of them has the word "Free" because they were given the autonomy to accept pupils of different races and religious backgrounds.

3. Compulsory education

3.1. Compulsory for parents to send children to school

3.2. Duration of company schooling is 6 years

3.3. Failure for parents to register their children to school will be fined by the law with RM 5000 or prison sentence not more than 6 months or both

3.4. Various ethnic groups to have equals access to education

3.5. Rights of children with poverty are uphold

4. During The British Colonial Period (1786-1956)

4.1. Stage one before the second world war (1786-1941)

4.1.1. Primary and Secondary Education Malays were given 6 years of basic education to achieving these objectives: Provide arithmetic skills for the males to start small business upon completion of their education. Promote awareness regarding the importance of moral values. Ensure the proficiency of children of the royal family in the English language Indian - same basic education Chinese - autonomy of setting up their own schools and designing their curriculum + employing teachers and text books from China.

4.2. Development Of Malay Schools

4.2.1. British colonial Government enforced the Compulsory Education Act: Compulsory for parents to send their children to school. British appealed to the Malay leaders to encourage parents to register their children for schooling. Due to good response, more Malay schools were built.

4.2.2. Due to small number of Malay parents who willing to send their daughters to school thus took longer time to set up schools for girls.

4.2.3. 1940: increased number of pupils registered in Malay schools but the British colonial Government did not endeavour to set Malay secondary school. British adhered the policy of education Malay children to become farmers & fishermen only. Worried that highly educated Malays would initiate anti-British feelings amongst the people.

5. Chinese School

5.1. Founding and funding

5.1.1. Responsibility of the Chinese community.

5.1.2. Expenditure for building - businessmen and Chinese leaders.

5.2. Education

5.2.1. Teachers brought form China.

5.2.2. System based totally from China.

5.2.3. Used Chinese dialects

5.3. Chinese Revolution 1911

5.3.1. Chinese Government paying attention to Chinese education abroad.

5.3.2. Chinese schools frequently visited and monitored by education from China

6. National education policy

6.1. Goals

6.1.1. To produce a united bangsa Malaysia

6.1.2. To produce Malaysian citizens who are knowledgeable, God-fearing well-behaved, competent and harmonious

6.1.3. To offer equal educational opportunities for all Malaysia citizens

6.1.4. To provide a competent work force to meet the needs of growing nation