IELTS Essay Discussion

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IELTS Essay Discussion by Mind Map: IELTS Essay Discussion

1. You need to weigh up the pros of the [...] and so on, and cons of [...] and [...].

2. Conclusion

2.1. 1 sentence summary

2.1.1. In conclusion / All things considered / To sum up, there are clearly both positives and negatives to [...].

2.2. 2. Summary of the main points (diff. vacabulary)

2.3. 3. Finishing touch / your opinion

2.3.1. Personally, I believe that the benefits in terms of [...] eventually outweigh any negatives.

2.3.2. I tend to believe that ...

3. Body

3.1. 1 Opinion

3.1.1. 1.Main thought Let's begin by looking at the first opinion. There is a common belief that ... A growing number of people / [Many people] hold the view / [believe], that ...

3.1.2. 1. Development of the main thought [Moreover] They think/ [insist, argue] that [...]. In other words / What I mean by this is that ... There is also an argument that ...

3.2. 2 Opinion

3.2.1. 1 Turning to the other side of the issue, [smth] is a major problem.

3.2.2. 2 However [On the other hand], there are people who think differently. They hold their view that [...] Besides, they say / [argue] that [...] As a result, ...

3.3. My opinion

3.3.1. Personally, I think that ... / I firmly believe that ...

4. Take [sbd/smth] as an example

5. Example

5.1. It can be best examplified by ... (noun)

6. Intro

6.1. 1. General thought about the subject (theme rephrazed)

6.1.1. Over the last decades/ [years] it has become an increasingly [debatable] issue.

6.1.2. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more [increasingly] popular/ [common] to [do smth].

6.1.3. One of the widely discussed issues nowadays is ...

6.1.4. It is undeniable that [...] has become an essential part of our life. However ...

6.1.5. Over the last few years, it has become increasingly popular to [do smth].

6.2. A good example of this [is ...] / [would be ....].

6.3. 2. Support of the 1st sentence

6.3.1. There is no doubt that...

6.3.2. For many people, especially ...

6.3.3. This is easier said than done.

6.4. 3. Show type of essay (there are many opinions)

6.4.1. Some / [many] people say / [believe] that [...] while others argue / [feel] ...

6.5. 4. Tell the reader your plan

6.5.1. In this essay I will look at both sides of the argument and give my opinion. / [try to draw some conclusions].