Levels of Police in Canada

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Levels of Police in Canada by Mind Map: Levels of Police in Canada

1. Provincial Police

1.1. Traffic Controll for 400 series highways, Policing towns and small cities, assisting Municipal police, Investigative services and maintaining provincial firearms registry.

1.2. Found all over Canada, largest forces include; OPP, Surete du Quebec, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and in some parts, the RCMP.

1.3. Ex: OPP (Ontario Provincial Police), Surete du Quebec, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

1.4. Provincial police, in some provinces act as the Federal department (Ex: Ontario and Quebec).

2. Aborigonal Police

2.1. In first-nations communities, offers police force which is both professional and sensitive to their needs.

2.2. The Aborigonal police force has jurisdiction in all Aborigonal Towns and Villages throughout Canada.

2.3. The Dakota-Ojibway Police Service, Woodstock First Nation Police and Tsuu T'ina Nation Police Service.

2.4. The government had the aborigonal service created for greater sensitivity towards first nations people. Past conflicts, with some deaths, have created tension between non-aboriginal police forces and aboriginal people.

3. Federal Police

3.1. Customs and Excise, Drug Enforcement, Economic Crime, Federal Policing, Immigration, Proceeds of Crime, Criminal Intellegence and International Liaison and Protective Services.

3.2. This level of Policing is found in all provinces and territories in Canada, except for Ontario and Quebec.

3.3. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

3.4. Provides investigative and protective services to the government aswell as serve as provincial and municiple police in some communities.

4. Municipal Police

4.1. Preserving the Police, Preventing Crimes, Assisting victims of a crime, Catching Criminals, Laying Carges and going to Court, Executing warrents and enfforcing bylaws.

4.2. Municipal forces have jurisdiction over policing towns and cities throughout Canada.

4.3. Gang Crime Unit, Robbery Squad, Homicide Squad and the Exsplosives Disposal Unit.

4.4. The Municple police has limited power and often has restrictions as to what equiptment they can carry.