Netbook Hardware

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Netbook Hardware by Mind Map: Netbook Hardware

1. Dell

1.1. Inspiron 1012

1.2. high deff

1.3. option for GPS

1.4. 9.5 hourly battery life

1.5. 1.3 MP webcam

1.6. up to five year limited warranty

1.7. External causes such accidents, abuse, misuse or problems with external powers

1.8. 399.00$

2. Apple

2.1. mb990ll/a

2.2. Browser is safari

2.3. 2 year product and labor warranty

2.4. watch movies and streaming videos

2.5. ripping and encoding music

2.6. good for playing games

2.7. keyboard is on the screen so it might be hard for some to navigate

2.8. small and easy to transport

2.9. 899.00$

3. Toshiba Mini NB 305

3.1. Intel Atom improve performances

3.2. enhanced video capabilities

3.3. advanced wireless connetion

3.4. made in many different colors

3.5. battery life up to 7.5 hours

3.6. 1 year warranty for parts and labor

3.7. painfully slow

3.8. bad reviews

3.9. 379.99

4. samsung

4.1. NF310-A01 intel atom

4.2. web cam

4.3. battery life up to 14 hours

4.4. Genuine windows 7

4.5. memory 250gh

4.6. Browser that it runs on is explore

4.7. elegant chrome design

4.8. 1 year warranty parts and labor

4.9. pros: built in speaker, bright display, Durable screen

4.10. Cons: can brake realy easy if it is broke and does not play movies, and runs slow on the internet

4.11. 379.99$

5. Lg X170

5.1. 250 GB hard drive

5.2. 1 year warranty , will only fix three times

5.3. browser that it runs on is explorer

5.4. wi fi and webcam built in

5.5. runs on windows

5.6. 6-cell Li-ion battery

5.7. Pros: Bright screen, runs fast but not on the internet, good secrurity features

5.8. Cons:

5.9. 594.00$

6. If i were to go out and buy one of these netbooks, i would have to buy the apple. the apple is very reliable. you dont have to worry about getting viruses or somebody hacking your information. it is also a lot more fun to be on. you can watch movies and play games. Also there is a 2 year parts and labor warranty which makes me happy not to be worrying about if it breaks