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Information Literacy by Mind Map: Information Literacy
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Information Literacy

Click on the +'s to expand. Based on "Action Learning" by Gwen Gawith.


What sort of information do I want? Pictures? Interviews? Websites?

Where could I find this information? Library? Person? Computer?

Can I find this information using catalogues, computers, electronic resources?


What is it I need to know?

What am I going to do with the info?

What do I already know?

What do I need to find out?


What do I need to make a note of?

Can I use layout, tabulation, punctuation, diagrams?

Can I organise my notes by indexing and filing them?


What do these resources tell me about what I need to know?

Do I have the skills to extract the info using skimming, scanning, keywords?


How did I go?

Am I satisfied with the result?

Am I happy with the way I got there?

How might I do it differently next time?


What tools can I use for presenting?

How am I going to pull this information together and present it so that the main points come across clearly?