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Origins of Life by Mind Map: Origins of Life

1. Strengths

1.1. The only posible "proof" for this is the Bible, but nowadays it isnt considered 100% the truth, its seen more like a book that teaches us many stories to learn from

2. Weaknesses

2.1. It must've seen logical for people at that time, but I think that it focuses more on the religious side while leaving a lot to the imagination, questions like: why?, how? remain unanswered and without proof to prove it

3. Weaknesses

3.1. Some people consider that there are some holes in this theory, like, supposedly all the matter was concentrated somewhere, and after the impact it was freed, but where did that matter come from?

4. Strengths

4.1. This theory postulates that the first microorganisms evolutionated because of all the chemical changes at the time where it all started. In my opinion, this isn´t a bad idea.

5. Strengths

5.1. Many microorganisms have been found on other rocks in space, it may not solve the mystery of the origin of life, but it wasnt entirely wrong either.

6. Weaknesses

6.1. This had no proof to support this idea, therefore, it was discarded.

7. Strengths

7.1. Back then it did make kind of sense because it would apparently have results, and they genuinely thought it happened because of the recipes; the theory had an experiment to prove its "credibility" from.

8. Weaknesses

8.1. This doesn`t have any well made studies that support it and there were actually studies that proved that it was fake.

9. Theory of Special Creation According to this theory, all living things were created by God. This is considered as simply a religious concept, since it has no scientific basis

10. Weaknesses

10.1. This doesnt have any facts that prove that its true; its just an opinión influenced by religión, there's no real data to support it.

11. Theory of Chemical Evolution According to this theory, living things are a result of a chemical evolution that happened 3.8 billion years ago.

12. Theory of Spontaneous Generation According to this theory, living things could sponatiously generate from non-living things through recipies. Helmont thought that rats could generate if you mixed dirty clothes with wheat.

13. Strengths

13.1. At the time it was very popular due to the oppression of speech, but nowadays I dont think there's anything that supports it other than the Bible.

14. Theory of Catastrophism It says that since every creation of God has been always followed by a catastrophe, new creations after the catastrophe must be different from the last. This is considered as a modification of the theory of Special Creation.

15. Theory of Panspermia According to this theory, all living things came from a bacteria or spore that came with a meteorite.