Grade 7 Biology: Organisms

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Grade 7 Biology: Organisms by Mind Map: Grade 7 Biology: Organisms

1. prokaryotes

1.1. kingdom monera

1.1.1. it includes bacteria blue-green algae mycoplasm

1.1.2. they do not have a well defined nucleus

1.1.3. some organisms have cell wall

1.1.4. mode of nutrition autotrophic heterotrophic

1.1.5. bacteria discovered by anton von leeuwenhoek types of bacteria spirilla bacilli cocci vibrio

2. eukaryotes

2.1. unicellular or acellular

2.1.1. kingdom protista includes unicellular algae diaatoms protozoans in this kingdom there are autotrophs heterotrophs some have cilia flagella some have psuedopodia

2.2. multicellular

2.2.1. with cell wall do not perform photosynthesis kingdom fungi perform photosynthesis kingdom plantae

2.2.2. without cell wall kingdom animalia they are multicellular they have many tissues and specialized organs they have nervous systems they are heterotrophic